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Luo Yonghao's blockchain conjecture,The most straightforward explanation of blockchain

Time : 28/02/2022 Author : k0e3p7 Click : + -
        Hammer technology, which owed 3.7 million yuan to its suppliers, sent CEO Luo Yonghao to the court's list of restricted consumption; The mobile phone entrepreneur who took the emotional route sent himself to the hot search with another "Laolai" CEO's advertisement, revealing that he had repaid more than half of his 600 million debt. Sun Yuchen, an entrepreneur in the currency circle who couldn't help but see hot search, immediately accepted the call, with an annual salary of one million and a follow-up investment of ten million, saying that he would help Lao Luo repay his debt. He is not the only one who threw out the olive branch. The digital asset exchange okex, GJ and man coin have invited one after another. Some people suggested that he use smart contracts to engage in creditor's rights crowdfunding &hellip& hellip; The coin circles broke their hearts for Lao Luo's debt.
        Unfortunately, the hero Luo Yonghao has not responded. Lao Luo, who is not a teacher and has to be a "feeling dealer" of mobile phones, is targeted by the currency circle this time. It is not only due to sun Yuchen's "ability to carry goods". A year ago, his words "I will definitely be a blockchain mobile phone" have already stirred the hearts of entrepreneurs in the currency circle. Moreover, he once revealed that the Buddhist system invested in digital currencies "from 1million to 30million". An interesting past is that Luo Yonghao and Li Xiaolai, both of whom have worked as English teachers in New Oriental, are still young. This source was also laughed by coin circle people that he had the potential to become "the second Li Xiaolai". Coincided with the policy dividend of blockchain, this traditional Internet man once again made the coin circle start to guess about his blockchain.
        In the early morning of this morning, Luo Yonghao responded on his wechat official account, "thank my friends in the currency circle for their respect. I can issue coins myself, but I'm not going to do it.". Yesterday, the media quoted the court's previous judgment and reported that Luo Yonghao was "limited" because Beijing hammer Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as hammer technology) owed more than 3.7 million money to mobile phone charger suppliers, and he was the legal representative and actual controller of the company. As soon as the news came out, Luo Yonghao responded to the outside world with "a ‘ Lao Lai ’ CEO's confession" on his microblog, and revealed that since the business crisis in the second half of 2018, hammer technology has defaulted on 600 million debt at most.
        However, in order not to disappoint creditors and investors, the company insisted on not letting the company go bankrupt and liquidate, and paid off more than 300 million debts in the past 10 months. He promised, "even if the company is completely shut down due to force majeure, I will personally pay off all my debts by ‘ performing arts ’.". Lao Luo is Lao Luo in the end. A paper of "advertisement" with fighting spirit in sadness will stabilize the position of hot search. But he probably didn't expect that the word "showbiz" also hit the high point of coin entrepreneurs. On October 3, sun Yuchen, blockchain entrepreneur and founder of wave field, immediately accepted the call. This "hot search and hit list enthusiast" wrote three microblogs in succession, asking Luo Yonghao to "sell art" to him first.
        First, I asked Lao Luo to be the entrepreneurial spokesperson for an annual salary of one million. Then I said that I would add ten million yuan to help teacher Luo pay off his debts as soon as possible. Finally, I also wrote a "blockchain advertisement" and did not forget to make a list for the wave field. In addition, Luo Yonghao, the direction of the coin circle project, proposed a "blockchain" solution to release claims through smart contracts and quickly realize crowdfunding to solve the debt crisis. "Most importantly, all records will be on the chain and will never be tampered with.". The most straightforward connection between Luo Yonghao and blockchain is the sentence "I will be a blockchain mobile phone" a year ago. With this sentence, Xu Kun, Chief Strategic Officer of okex, regarded Luo Yonghao as a "believer in blockchain". Nor is there no sign to follow.
        On May 12 last year, Li Xiaolai, a big V in the currency circle, once tweeted, "the logic is clear: bitcoin trusted account book; Ethereum /eos: trusted code; what's the next step? Theoretically, it should be: trusted device … …". No one knows what drugs are sold in the "trusted devices" mentioned by Li Xiaolai at that time. On May 21, Luo Yonghao accepted the interview of "Wang Feng's ten questions", so he had the heroic words of "I will definitely make blockchain mobile phones". As for when and how to do it, he didn't say anything. At that time, the two talked to themselves half a month apart, which was regarded by the outside world as a shouting in the air.
        A year later, blockchain mobile phones did not see the following, hammer technology was merged by ByteDance, and Luo Yonghao was completely out of the hammer mobile phone. In addition to this "blockchain mobile phone", another connection between Luo Yonghao and this new concept is still Li Xiaolai. They have known each other since childhood. They also served as English teachers with New Oriental, and later became famous teachers. Not only that, Luo Yonghao also invested in digital currency. In "Wang Feng's ten questions", he bluntly said, "in the early stage of making hammer technology, he coaxed with his friends, invested some money in a muddle headed way, and then got busy with my work, and then found that the more than 1 million yuan had become more than 30 million." He did not elaborate on the specific time of buying digital assets.
        Some netizens speculated that in March 2013, hammer technology released its smart phone operating system "smartisanos". Later, bitcoin rose from $33 to more than $20000, "even now, bitcoin is also $9100, an increase of 274 times." If Luo Yonghao bought bitcoin at the beginning, and now he still holds the line of 100 million yuan, "just can be used to repay his remaining foreign debt.". Of course, no one knows whether Lao Luo has bitcoin or not, and whether he can really hold it in the Buddhist system without speculation, as he said. In contrast, people in the currency circle prefer him to join the blockchain industry and apply his dedication as a mobile phone to the entrepreneurial blockchain. "For fear of disappointing investors, he just doesn't liquidate and go bankrupt and doesn't run away without money, which is much more kind-hearted than most project parties and exchanges in the currency circle.
        ”There are also opponents who are "sarcastic" and optimistic, "it's very clear and refined to say that it's not enough to pay for money.". In October this year, Luo Yonghao sent a message to the outside world about his trend after leaving the hammer mobile phone. At that time, some supporters left a message on Weibo saying they missed the hammer mobile phone press conference. Luo Yonghao briefly said, "well, see you in early December.". See you in December? Luo Yonghao didn't explain. Netizens have speculated that he will release what: mobile phone? electronic cigarette? Home appliances? Smart home? All these were denied by him one by one. However, in the early morning of this morning, Luo Yonghao rejected the enthusiasm of the coin circle, "thank my friends in the coin circle for looking up to me, but I will issue coins myself, but I don't intend to do so.".
        ”His message in his official account broke the expectations of the coin circle for his coin issuance or blockchain. After seven years of entrepreneurship, as a super big V with more than 16 million fans on Weibo, Luo Yonghao's entrepreneurial feelings and idealism are also accompanied by controversy. Those who love him are regarded as leaders, while those who despise him spit on him. People's evaluation of his every move is divided into two levels. Among Luo Yonghao's supporters, investor Wu Xianghong once commented on him, "he has always insisted that personal morality and business norms can be harmonious. He can be a good person and make money at the same time." This sentence later became a favorite quote of "hammer fans". In the early stage of entrepreneurship, Luo Yonghao publicly made declarations such as "no water army", "purchase genuine copies of all office software of the company", "third-party applications pre installed on hammer mobile phones can be uninstalled", "no cheating for mobile phone systems for running software", and so on.
        A former executive of hammer technology once said that Luo Yonghao advocated "telling users what this thing is, rather than using a technical language, to speak human words". In terms of marketing ability, sun Yuchen, the "king of coin circle marketing" with more than 1 million Weibo fans, is not at the same level of appeal as Luo He, who has 16 million fans. In 2006, Niubo, a blog website founded by Luo Yonghao, once opened an online store to sell books. Because there was no discount, it had no price competitiveness compared with Internet e-commerce giants. But as long as he clocked up his microblog and shouted, the turnover rose slowly. In an interview with the media, the online store manager at that time said, "Luo Yonghao once recommended a brief history of American race in his speech. That book, which had only printed 5000 copies in the previous 10 years, quickly entered the best seller list and sold nearly 200000 copies.
        ”。 Luo Yonghao's personal charm runs through his entrepreneurship. Even when the hammer mobile phone business no longer exists, tens of millions of "hammer fans" are still waiting on Lao Luo's microblog. If it comes to the "consensus" plan, there is no doubt that he has a strong endorsement ability. Perhaps this is the real reason why the coin circle attracts him.
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