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Blockchain games,Stunned! 32million real estate speculators bought virtual land and entered the yuan universe

Time : 24/11/2021 Author : si975l Click : + -
        Recently, Zheng Zhigang, the Hong Kong real estate giant and CEO of new world development group, announced that he had purchased a digital plot in thesandbox. It is estimated that the cost is about 5million US dollars, about 32million yuan. According to media reports, on December 9, Zheng Zhigang bought one of the largest digital plots in thesandbox, hoping to build an "innovation center" to show the commercial success of start-ups in Dawan district. According to people familiar with the matter, Zheng Zhigang's investment in this virtual land is about US $5million (about 32million yuan). It is reported that Zheng Zhigang will display 10 characteristic companies on this virtual land, including diagnosis and genetic testing developer prenetics, logistics Unicorn lalamove, and technology accessories brand casetify. These companies have cooperative relations with new world development and Zheng Zhigang's venture capital companies.
        He also said that these start-ups will launch NFT (non homogenous token) and bring immersive experience and entertainment to consumers. A netizen said on the social platform: "we don't understand the world of local tyrants. 32million yuan can already buy real estate in prime locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but the rich are willing to buy a virtual land in the game.". According to public information, thesandbox, an NFT game company, issued its own virtual currency sand and received $93million from visionfund2, a subsidiary of Softbank, in early November, becoming the first metauniverse project invested by Softbank.
        Thesandbox blockchain game platform allows players to establish, own and monetize game experiences on Ethereum blockchain, provide NFT ownership for creators, and provide tools to create assets on the platform. With the popularity of the concept of meta universe, the real estate transaction of meta universe has also become popular. According to statistics, in the week from November 22 to 28, the total trading volume of the four major yuanuniverse real estate trading platforms was close to US $106million. Last month, the famous singer Junjie Lin said on social media that he bought three virtual plots on the meta universe platform decentraland. It is estimated that the value of these three pieces of land is about 123000 US dollars, about 784000 yuan.
        Industry insiders pointed out that the price of yuanuniverse land is related to indicators such as area, location and height. Moreover, these virtual real estates rely on their meta universe project. Therefore, the popularity, maturity and activity of the community of the meta universe project will also affect the commercial value and prospects of the plot to a great extent. At present, the popular meta universe game platforms include decentraland, thesandbox, cryptovoxels, somniumspace, etc. Pan Helin, executive dean and professor of Digital Economy Research Institute of Central South University of economics and law, told China Securities Journal · The CSI Taurus reporter said that yuancosmos virtual real estate investment is a kind of venture capital, because the head attributes of many virtual real estate platforms are not clear, and it will take a period of development and competition between major platforms before the trend becomes clear.
        Yu Jianing, executive director of Yuanyu Industry Committee of China Mobile Communications Federation, told reporters that virtual real estate can be simply understood as a digital building in the virtual world, which is mainly used for exhibition, brand display, entertainment, trade, holding meetings and other purposes. Virtual real estate itself is not scarce, because virtual land can continue to expand, so there are countless virtual real estate. Take the virtual world decentraland based on Ethereum blockchain as an example. After purchasing a virtual plot, users can build and operate enterprises on this land, such as stores selling virtual goods. "I began to pay attention to the meta universe in May. At the beginning, I hesitated and dared not get on the bus. As a result, I can't afford the house I want now, because (the price of a good house) has risen almost as high as that in first tier cities.
        ”Yuan universe player told reporters that the reason why he wanted to invest in virtual plots was that "he could make money by buying land, spending money on building and decorating houses, and then changing hands.". Pan Helin pointed out that investors should be alert to the meta universe foam. In the future, with the expansion of virtual real estate platforms, there is likely to be infinite virtual real estate, which will impact scarcity. In addition, users' preferences are also very diverse. The current popular platform cannot represent the good development in the future. On November 1, tianxiaxiu digital technology group launched a virtual social meta universe product &mdash& mdash; Honnverse rainbow universe is open to the first batch of users.
        Up to now, the number of people testing this product has exceeded 177000. Recently, when opening the online limited edition virtual real estate booking and number grabbing activity, the server once crashed due to the large number of participants. According to the official news of tianxiaxiu, a total of 350000 virtual houses will be released on the rainbow universe platform. These virtual houses are divided into 13 types according to different landforms. The circulation and scarcity of each type of house are different. The house level is divided into SSS, SS, s, a and B from high to low. The higher the level, the rarer it is. The reporter found in a second-hand trading platform that the most expensive set of honguniverse "SS Huanhai island" virtual real estate, with a hanging price of 500000 yuan, a total of 15 people "want".
        On December 9, the people's Daily published an article on the "real estate speculation fever" triggered by yuancosmos, "people's Daily Comments on yuancosmos real estate speculation: the risk of scalding should be prevented", saying that virtual real estate has attracted many people to rob and hoard real estate. Whether virtual real estate trading is speculation or investment, foam or tuyere, speculation or trend still needs a big question mark. As an industrial meta universe, although there are infinite possibilities, there are many uncertainties. This is a gradual development process, from virtual to real, from visible to touchable, there is still a long way to go. You may as well calm down and think twice to prevent the risk of heat to scald. Yu Jianing reminded investors that the application of metauniverse is at an extremely early stage and will undergo a long, gradual iteration and expansion process.
        At present, many companies known as the "meta universe concept" may not be able to complete the whole journey. The related concept stocks or related assets are extremely risky and are not suitable for retail investors to invest blindly.
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