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Bitcoin a week: the price of bitcoin rose slightly, Microsoft Research blockchain trade finance platform

Time : 27/11/2021 Author : mw09hx Click : + -
        International Online Internet finance channel comprehensive report (reporter Xu Yang intern Xu LAN): according to the quotation released by Huo coin, the price of bitcoin has a wave of unstable rise this week (September 22 - September 28), which was corrected on September 24 and 25. The closing price on September 28 was 4040, up about 2%. According to the trend line daily average daily average daily average daily average daily average daily average is still in a downward trend, it can be seen that the trend line has great differences in the short-term and long-term, so it is still at a turning point of the market, which may rise or fall at any time. From the perspective of trading volume, except for the obvious increase, the trading volume reached more than 1200000 on September 26, and the overall trading volume basically remained above 800000.
        From the graphic point of view, except for the 60 day moving average, which still tends to coincide this week, only the 60 day moving average has fallen all the way, which means that the long-term downward trend remains unchanged. ● Wanxiang holdings recently announced that the distributed fund jointly invested by Wanxiang Holdings Co invested 150million in blockchain start-up Juzhen finance. Therefore, the largest single blockchain investment project in China has officially resurfaced. Xiao Feng, vice chairman and executive director of Wanxiang Holdings Co., Ltd. and initiator of Wanxiang blockchain laboratory, said that the capital allocation of the investment was 125million from Wanxiang holdings group and 25million from distributed funds. After the investment, he jointly held% of the shares of Juxian.
        Prior to this investment, the top two blockchain startups in the amount of round a financing worldwide in 2016 were Dah (US $60million) and blockstream (US $55million). ● IBM and China UnionPay are jointly creating a bank card point exchange platform based on blockchain technology. Online, consumers can trade their points obtained through shopping and other incentives with others, while offline, users of the points platform can go to any supermarket or mall equipped with smart POS machines to exchange reward points for goods. In the vision of IBM and China UnionPay, this concept can also be applied to the transaction of flight mileage, phone bill or gas card points.
        ● a few days ago, janetyellen, chairman of the Federal Reserve, said that the central bank was "trying to understand" financial technologies, such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is reported that Yellen made a speech before the Financial Services Committee. During this period, representative mickmulvaney asked her about the Federal Reserve and cryptocurrency, and whether she was investigating blockchain applications internally. Although Yellen said that the Fed did not do so at present, she pointed out that the US central bank was pursuing a wider range of fintech technology. In addition, she believes that blockchain technology may have a significant impact on the payment and banking industry.
        ● Bank of America (BOA) and Microsoft (Microsoft) announced to jointly develop and test a blockchain based trade finance platform. In this cooperation, Bank of America will establish direct contact with Microsoft Treasury Department (which is responsible for managing all kinds of transactions generated by the company's financial activities and internal strategic investment and mergers and acquisitions). The two will jointly create a blockchain system to realize transactions between enterprises. Illegal and bad information reporting telephone reporting email: professional ethics supervision telephone supervision email:.
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