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Bitcoin broke through the $10000 mark again, and Wall Street fund bosses strongly supported the purchase! Us blockchain concept stocks rose collectively

Time : 21/08/2021 Author : 9pas8m Click : + -
        The quotation of bitstamp, a trading platform, showed that bitcoin broke through the $10000 mark for the first time since February 24. Since the lowest bottom to $3850 on March 13, the cumulative increase of bitcoin has reached 160%. Bitcoin has been booming recently, and blockchain concept stocks have also made a comeback. Overnight, blockchain concept stocks in U.S. stocks rose collectively on Thursday, with marathon patent up nearly 30%, riotblockchain up more than 21%, the ninth city up more than 7%, Xunlei up more than 5%, and Cheetah mobile up more than 3%; After the U.S. stock market, riotblockchain rose about 13%, marathon patent rose more than 9%, and Jianan Yunzhi rose more than 2%.
        It is worth noting that during the intraday surge of bitcoin, the media reported that in the recently released market outlook report "big currency inflation", Paul ·, a legendary macro investor and one of the most successful hedge fund managers on Wall Street; Tudor · Jones said publicly that he believed that buying bitcoin could be used to hedge against the large inflation of legal currency caused by the printing of money by central banks around the world. Investing in bitcoin to hedge against this inflation is like buying gold to hedge against inflation in the 1970s. Jones became one of the first big hedge fund managers on Wall Street to accept bitcoin. Jones estimated that since February this year, the global central banks have printed a total of US $3.9 trillion in cash in response to the outbreak, equivalent to 6.6% of the total global economic output.
        "We have witnessed big currency inflation, which is the unprecedented expansion of various forms of money, which is unique in the developed world." During this unprecedented period of global currency inflation, Jones considered a variety of bets on gold, US Treasuries, certain types of stocks, currencies and commodities. According to Jones, taking into account the impact of the central bank's large-scale monetary stimulus and bond purchase to resist the impact of the COVID-19, he was stimulated and began to strictly inspect bitcoin. He wrote: "I don't believe in hard currency, nor are I a fan of cryptocurrency. The most persuasive view of bitcoin is that currency digitization will be everywhere, and COVID-19 has accelerated this speed.
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