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Jin Wowo attended the blockchain Summit Forum of the smart Expo and won the outstanding blockchain application case in 2019

Time : 08/03/2022 Author : hlytaq Click : + -
        On August 27, the blockchain Summit Forum of the 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo was held in Yuzhong District. Wang Peng, the founder and chairman of Chongqing jinwowo network technology (jinwowo), was invited to attend the blockchain Summit Forum. As the only invited local enterprise in Chongqing, he shared his views with the industry Masters and brought you the most cutting-edge blockchain industry information. In addition, in the "2019 excellent blockchain solutions and application cases in China" released on the forum, jinwowo was rated as an excellent blockchain application case in 2019. The blockchain industry forum with the theme of "linking new industries and building a new ecosystem" was hosted by the Organizing Committee of China International Intelligent Industry Expo, and undertaken by Chongqing big data application development administration, Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission, Chongqing Yuzhong District People's government, and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute.
        This forum focuses on the positioning of an international, green, intelligent and cultural urban area, highlights the agglomeration advantages of "Chongqing blockchain industrial innovation base", and presents it to the public with "summit + Exhibition" as the carrier. Among them, the "summit" refers to the invitation of more than 20 global blockchain industry heavyweight experts such as Zhou Zhongyi and Shen Changxiang, academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, juliangordon, vice president of super ledger, johnmacintyre, academician of the Royal Society of England and academician of the British Computer Society, as well as outstanding entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry such as bat, and jinwowo to attend the forum and deliver speeches to feel the pulse of China's blockchain technology innovation and industrial development.
        "Exhibition" refers to the invitation of more than 240 enterprises inside and outside the city to Chongqing blockchain industrial innovation base such as jinwowo and the headquarters economic Park in Yuzhong District to investigate the development of blockchain industry, deeply experience the application scenarios of blockchain, and closely combine the theoretical forum with field investigation. On the morning of the 27th, jinwowo, as a key blockchain enterprise in Chongqing, welcomed a delegation of more than 30 key blockchain enterprises across the country, including Chinatelecom blockchain, JD blockchain, Tencent blockchain and Inspur Group. Peer entrepreneurs spoke highly of the company's achievements in blockchain technology innovation, talent training, and Party Building. During this period, the sponsor invited Lu Shuwang, Professor of the State Key Laboratory of information security of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fu Ming, Secretary General of the blockchain special committee of the China Council for the promotion of development, zhaixinlei, head of JD blockchain, Shaobing, head of Tencent blockchain, Zhang Jiangang, CEO of Beijing holographic Zhixin Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Peng, founder and chairman of jinwowo, and other domestic blockchain industry leaders to conduct high-end dialogues on topics such as industry focus and cutting-edge technologies, The forum was chaired by Liu Quan, President of CCID blockchain Research Institute.
        When the host Liu Quan asked, "how does jinwowo achieve the perfect combination of blockchain and specific application scenarios?" At that time, Wang Peng said that the company has been laying out blockchain for about two years. We believe that blockchain, big data, cloud computing, AI and 5g will constitute the infrastructure of digital economy, in which data is the core. The essence of digital economy is to drive industrial upgrading and integrated development by making big data a real means of production and assets. But the real problem is that in the Internet era, data has formed a monopoly, while small and medium-sized enterprises are still facing the situation of lack of data and traffic. However, the combination of blockchain and big data can effectively break the monopoly on user traffic and data, so after two years of precipitation, jinwowo has built a set of low-level technical solutions based on blockchain combined with big data and AI, and on this basis, established a new business system mdash& mdash; I life distributed new business system. The basic logic of this new business system is to systematically solve a series of data flow problems from user data collection, certificate storage, right confirmation to information security through blockchain technology, and finally identify the data.
        This system is a professional service for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises. Any enterprise can intervene in the I life system and become an independent access to traffic and data. After accessing I life, the enterprise's own data will be recorded, confirmed and identified, and I life will return the data value to small, medium-sized and micro enterprises; When the data reaches a certain volume, I life breaks the traditional data island through artificial intelligence, data confirmation, analysis and other technologies, so that users and data flow in the I life ecosystem, forming large users and large traffic, and then realizing business intelligence; In the era of Internet of things, 5g links businesses and users to build a new smart business ecosystem, and finally drives data flow with underlying technology to create a new distributed business ecosystem that is data-driven, man-machine collaboration, cross-border integration, co construction and sharing.
        In addition, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute released professional reports such as 2019 China excellent blockchain solutions and application cases and 2019 China blockchain business environment development report on the forum to systematically analyze and judge the development environment and application scenarios of the industry. Among them, the application case of jinwowo in the commercial field by virtue of blockchain technology &mdash& mdash; I life distributed new business system stood out from more than 100 excellent application cases from across the country and was rated as the outstanding blockchain application case in 2019.
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