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How to find a valuable gamefi?

Time : 26/09/2021 Author : uq5em4 Click : + -
        Decentralized game (gamefi) is a new form of game mode based on blockchain. It has attracted people's attention because of its characteristics that it can make profits in the game. Especially after the market scale of blockchain has further increased, gamefi projects and users have witnessed a huge growth in the past few years. When gamefi began to become hot, some potential problems naturally began to appear. Gamefi can get benefits from playing games, which inevitably makes it have certain financial attributes, which is one of the core reasons for the chaos of gamefi.
        Many gamefi are shoddy, just wearing some game skins that have no gameplay, and their real purpose is to collect money and fund as a financial tool. A large number of worthless or low-value gamefi keep pouring out as if they were processed on the assembly line, which has seriously hindered the development of gamefi. How can we find a truly valuable gamefi in a mixed market? Here are several standards for reference. As a game, no matter how its business model changes, gameplay is always the first element. A game that lacks gameplay can directly veto its value, and such a game cannot be developed in the long run.
        Nowadays, there are many non game or low game games in the market, but most of them have capital fraud, induced recharge and other situations. It can be said that such non game games are a capital trap in themselves. For gamefi, a perfect ecosystem is very necessary. As we said before, the main difference between gamefi and traditional games is that it can earn money in the game. How users can acquire, use and trade these digital assets in the game requires the support of the game ecosystem. After reviewing the ecosystem inside the game, we need to further investigate the value of digital assets generated in the game outside the game.
        Many traditional games have a relatively perfect ecosystem within them, so that users have a good experience, but when the assets of these games are transferred outside the game, the value will fall sharply, or even worthless. Gamefi can keep the digital assets in the game outside the game, which is also its unique charm. Generally speaking, gamefi will take the characters and props in the game as NFT and trade them on various NFT trading platforms. We can also go directly to these platforms to simply evaluate the game asset value of the project. For gamefi, an excellent reward mechanism is also very important. Difficult to obtain rewards will reduce the enthusiasm of players, and too easy to obtain rewards will also reduce the value of game assets. The balance needs to be controlled by the project party.
        Basic blockchain is an important content that we can easily ignore. Although the establishment of a gamefi project must be based on blockchain. However, many project parties have built it on some worthless chains for fraud, or some project parties simply do not use blockchain, but only induce players in some publicity. In addition, a good chain, the efficiency and security of data and transaction processing can be better guaranteed, and it can also provide a better experience for players. Return to Sohu to see more.
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