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China's blockchain market size,Industrial digitalization | Guanyuan technology and "2022 China's top 100 industrial blockchain"

Time : 24/07/2021 Author : 8pltjw Click : + -
        Recently, the 2022 China Industrial blockchain conference was held in Nanjing. With the theme of "industry driven, chain application", the conference discussed the application prospects and methods of industrial blockchain, commended excellent cases and achievements, and jointly promoted the rapid development of industrial blockchain and promoted industrial upgrading and transformation. In the selection of "top 100 Chinese industrial blockchain enterprises in 2022" organized by the blockchain application branch of China Federation of logistics and purchasing and other industry authorities, Guanyuan technology was selected into the list of "top 100 Chinese industrial blockchain enterprises in 2022"!. The top 100 industrial blockchain enterprises this time are based on the statistical analysis, verification and comparison of the relevant data of the surveyed enterprises in 2021. They are mainly obtained through the detailed statistics of 4 first-class indicators of industry influence, innovation and sustainable development, technical service capacity and industrial application capacity and 19 related detailed indicators.
        At the meeting, the China Federation of logistics and purchasing released the "China Industrial blockchain development report (2022)". The report shows that in 2021, the market scale of China's industrial blockchain will continue to grow despite the continuous epidemic and multi-point transmission in China. Blockchain and various industries are integrated and developed, and continue to develop in the fields of anti-counterfeiting and traceability, data sharing, supply chain management, certificate storage and forensics, urban governance, smart city, government services and so on. In terms of enterprise size, by the end of 2021, there were nearly 100000 blockchain enterprises. In 2021 alone, there were 42000 blockchain enterprises, accounting for 42.7% of the total.
        In terms of market size, in 2021, the overall market size of industrial blockchain was 231.79 billion yuan, an increase of 58.35% over 2020. On the chain. Relying on the advantages of blockchain technology R & D and application, Guanyuan technology actively plans and explores the deep integration of blockchain technology and real industries, and improves the quality and efficiency of construction, energy, government affairs, agriculture and other industries by reconstructing information infrastructure, optimizing and transforming business processes. This time, it was selected into the list of "2022 China's top 100 industrial blockchain", which highlights the comprehensive strength of Guanyuan technology in the application of industrial blockchain. As an excellent enterprise deeply rooted in the digital economy for many years, Guanyuan technology's business model, innovation ability and blockchain technology services have not only withstood the test of the market, but also been recognized by the authority of the industry and experts.
        In addition to enabling the digital transformation of the industry through technology, Guanyuan technology is also actively involved in the incubation of the blockchain industry. On July 15, in the 2022 Yangtze River Delta blockchain application innovation competition "science and technology create China, digital economy" held in Shanghai, one of the top 10 Chinese industrial blockchain cities in 2022, Guanyuan technology, as a co organizer, actively explored the application prospects and path model demonstration and promotion of blockchain technology in the field of national point encouragement and development. A total of 146 blockchain application projects were registered in this competition. The whole competition uses the digital management platform of social organizations, and uses blockchain technology to register, confirm rights and review on the chain. Through fierce competition, the 31 teams that were shortlisted for the semi-finals finally entered the finals of the innovation group and the growth group.
        Guanyuan technology is a high-tech enterprise with cryptographic technology as the core. It provides blockchain integrated solutions from the underlying infrastructure of blockchain to industrial applications, focuses on the comprehensive application of blockchain, privacy computing, Commercial Cryptography and other technologies, and is committed to "cryptographic innovation and promoting the future of digital security". The company and the password and computer security laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University (loccs) jointly developed a domestic independent and controllable security alliance chain platform &mdash& mdash; Sourcechain platform. With its excellent characteristics of high innovation, high security and high performance, source chain has successfully implemented many cases in the fields of construction, energy, double carbon, finance, government affairs, agriculture, industrial Internet of things, etc., enabling the digital transformation of physical industries, building a trusted digital base, and helping the construction of Digital China.
        In the future, Guanyuan technology will continue to explore new blockchain application scenarios, promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements of blockchain technology into social values, and help promote the deep integration of blockchain applications and the real economy.
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