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The "media convergence chain" blockchain copyright platform was officially launched

Time : 09/12/2021 Author : h9ifj5 Click : + -
        The "media convergence chain" blockchain copyright platform developed by Xinhua News Agency China search was officially launched on the 28th. As the licensing unit of the "copyright protection new technology research and promotion site" of the national copyright administration, China search aims to create a new copyright ecosystem of integration, collaboration and innovation, and help enhance the value of media copyright. The initiators of the China news media copyright protection alliance and the intellectual property industry have sent congratulatory letters to express their support. According to Wang Jiaoni, the head of "media convergence chain" and Secretary General of China news media copyright protection alliance, the construction of "media convergence chain" is to better promote and serve the copyright protection and operation cooperation of news works.
        The platform is deeply integrated with self-developed new technologies in the field of blockchain, news search and artificial intelligence, as well as the full chain capabilities of copyright storage, communication traceability, intelligent monitoring, infringement forensics, rights protection services and transaction sharing. At present, the "media convergence chain" has passed the three-level certification of blockchain information service filing and information system security level protection of the national cyberspace office, and is connected to the "balance chain" of the Beijing Internet court, connecting major media and copyright registration, notary institutions, as well as forensic units and other ecological partners. The "media convergence chain" has three outstanding advantages: first, relying on the massive big data advantage of China search news search and professional data processing ability, the monitoring scope is broader.
        The second is to realize the rapid monitoring of text, pictures, video and audio throughout the network. Third, through the evaluation of blockchain certificate storage capacity, the chain speed and block out speed are higher than the industry average. Up to now, the monitoring data of "media convergence chain" covers online media, Weibo, wechat, mobile clients and social platforms. There are 1billion news stocks, with a million daily increments. The first batch of monitoring found more than 6 million highly similar pictures and video data. The platform continues to store copyright certificates for works of Xinhua news agency and other units, solidify evidence of infringement, and synchronize the data of storage and evidence collection to the "balance chain".
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