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Hongkou uses blockchain to empower community service "the last mile"

Time : 19/04/2022 Author : y3b4gj Click : + -
        Xinmin Evening News (special correspondent Long Gang Reporter Yuan Wei) Aunt Li, who lives in nankejian residential community, Sichuan North Road Street, Hongkou District, has a trouble. Her water pipe has been leaking due to years of disrepair, and has not been repaired several times. A few days ago, Aunt Li learned that there was an all post zero distance service platform in Hongkou District, so she downloaded the citizen cloud app and found a well-known maintenance company in the app. After a few minutes, the maintenance worker came to the door for service. Aunt Li's water pipe was finally repaired. Before leaving, the repairman also promised that if the repair place leaks again, he can come to the door free of charge. This is the "last mile" for Hongkou District to integrate various community life service resources in the District, so that residents can easily place orders through mobile phones, obtain better and faster convenience services and volunteer services, and use blockchain to empower community services.
        Today, the district released the "blockchain + community life service model" to create a smart and accurate community service system. Hongkou District community life service system is composed of three parts: Internet online service, community offline entity tour service and community voluntary service. Internet online services: collect, manage and maintain community life service resources through the online service platform, provide online community service information query and resource delivery for residents, and realize zero distance "online services" through residential orders and community orders; The offline entity tour service in the community is a centralized convenience service held in 8 streets of the district every month. At present, a total of 480 activities have been carried out, and the number of service people has exceeded 400000; In combination with the construction of Shanghai public welfare city, community volunteer service is selected and cultivated among the successful public welfare bases, exploring the formation of demonstration sites of public welfare bases with Hongkou characteristics, and mobilizing and guiding community people to actively participate in social governance through volunteer service.
        Geng Yu, director of Hongkou District Civil Affairs, said that exploring the blockchain + community life service working mode is to introduce the concept of "blockchain" on the basis of the existing community life service system and improve the response process of Hongkou District community life service. Relying on the "citizen yunhongkou all post zero distance service platform", an innovative community life service response process with one platform, three resource pools and a service evaluation system as the core is formed. The service platform "crowd database" system can automatically identify the elderly over 60 years old and match the free or low compensation service resources. At the same time, the film arrangement table of caravan activities in the current month is displayed in the "activity preview" column to realize online preview.
        In addition, in the process of residents' search service, service resources with higher scores and more service times will be preferentially displayed at the top of the list. The service platform will update the top service resources in real time according to the changes of scoring. Residents can also put forward service needs by logging in to the Hongkou all post interface of the citizen cloud platform, and the system will match and send orders according to the needs after confirmation. In this service platform, the whole process of the commitment transaction and service of the community life service team and the performance of the service object in the service are fully known and linked. If the service is not performed as promised, or the payment is not performed as promised, or the credit is violated, the person who logs in to the platform can see it.
        In order to better serve the community people and supplement the existing community service capacity, Hongkou District has specially introduced the community life service enterprise "flash repair brother" into its online service resources. As a professional service provider in the convenience service field of o2o vertical community on a city wide scale, Shanxiu Yige has effectively made up for the weak links in the existing community life services by strictly selecting high-quality maintenance technicians to provide people with home appliance maintenance, cleaning and recycling, water and electricity quick repair and other multi category, high-frequency home services. It is reported that through lbs positioning, the community life service platform takes big data and artificial intelligence as technical means to form the sharing of maintenance areas and the service needs within the online kilometers of work orders. Technicians respond in time and come to the door quickly to realize "instant convenience".
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