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Huo coin stopped RMB trading and will transform to a blockchain information platform

Time : 15/03/2022 Author : 5sfl4e Click : + -
        Gold review media () reported that on October 30, the domestic bitcoin trading platform Huo coin network has issued two announcements, saying that in order to actively embrace regulation, it will officially shut down new user registration and RMB recharge business, and Huo coin China headquarters in Beijing, China will be fully transformed into a comprehensive information and research service platform in the vertical field of blockchain. On October 30, Huo coin, a domestic bitcoin trading platform, issued two announcements successively. The first announcement said that in order to actively embrace regulation, it would officially shut down new user registration and RMB recharge business, and officially offline all RMB to digital asset transactions at 24:00 on October 31. Later, Li Lin, the founder of Huo coin, issued a statement on the business adjustment of Huo coin in China after October 31, 2017, stating the business adjustment made by Huo coin in accordance with the regulatory requirements since September 4 this year, and acknowledging the rationality and importance of the strict supervision of bitcoin.
        At present, Huo coin has carried out business in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, South Korea, Beijing, China and other regions. Huo coin China headquarters in Beijing will continue to be operated by Huo coin China business team, and will be comprehensively transformed into a comprehensive information and research service platform in the vertical field of blockchain. Today, Huo coin will make a final farewell to RMB trading users in the form of an announcement. We have decided to officially offline all RMB to digital asset transactions at 24:00 on October 31. Huo coin will continue to provide users with the processing of forked assets. During the period from the shutdown of RMB business to the development of new business, the forking of various digital assets of Huo coin network will be handled by Huo coin global professional station. If the forking is successful, users can receive the forked assets on Huo coin global professional station.
        Thank every user for their support and understanding of Huo coin network over the years. Huo coin network will live up to expectations, continue to explore and advance in the blockchain industry, and provide users with professional, safe and reliable trading services!. On September 4, 2017, the people's Bank of China and other regulatory authorities issued the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance, requiring a comprehensive clean-up of the transactions of financing tokens and virtual currencies in China. On September 15, 2017, the Huo coin China team officially received the notice and guidance from the regulatory authorities, and suspended the registration and RMB recharge business on the same day. We believe that this is not only an important milestone in the development history of Huo coin, but also a memorable day in the development history of China's digital assets, and even the development history of global digital assets.
        The Internet has promoted the de information intermediary of the media, and mankind has entered the era of we media; Digital currency and blockchain technology are promoting the de credit intermediation of financial transactions, and mankind will enter the era of self finance. In the foreseeable future, the global regulation of financial activities will expand from the legislation and supervision of a single licensed institution to the legislation and supervision of individual financial behavior. As a new technology and Internet financial industry, digital currency has caused great repercussions all over the world and will bring profound changes to the global financial system. However, history is an accident in necessity, and it is also a necessity in accident. In recent years, China's real economy has slowed down and financial activities have become chaotic. The funds and resources that should have served the development of the real economy have been attracted to all kinds of pathological speculation in the capital market.
        Since the second half of 2015, China's financial industry has entered a strong regulatory cycle of getting rid of virtual reality and strictly controlling financial risks. We believe that the strict control of bitcoin transactions is in line with China's current situation and current situation. The important speech of the national financial security work conference further clarified the direction and objectives of the development of the financial industry &mdash& mdash; "Deepen the reform of the financial system, enhance the ability of financial services to the real economy; improve the financial supervision system, and hold the bottom line that there is no systemic financial risk". Under this big historical background, every employee of Huo coin should clearly realize that the efficiency and convenience of digital assets is a "double-edged sword", which can not only enable people to obtain efficient financial services, but also be used by illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud.
        Therefore, no matter what industry we are engaged in and in which country we operate, we must keep in mind and practice the value orientation of integrity, rigor, innovation and enterprising of Huo coin. We should adhere to the premise of legality, take "not doing evil" as the minimum code of conduct, and adhere to providing users with compliant, safe and high-quality products and services. In the recent month, all kinds of gossip about the changes in the Chinese market have been flying all over the wechat and Weibo circles. The 400 customer service phone of Huo coin China has also been exploded many times &hellip& hellip; In the face of various concerns and doubts from the outside world, the Chinese team made rapid decisions and actively handled all work properly. The trading platform of Huo coin China once again maintained stable operation under emergency conditions.
        In the past, Huo coin brand was an important symbol and symbol of the digital asset industry in China; Now, the era of digital assets 1.0 has ended, and Huo coin people will continue to actively participate in and rewrite the development and changes of the global digital assets industry pattern. After four years of development and accumulation, Huo coin has grown into a comprehensive digital asset service provider with global competitiveness and influence, and has provided quality services to millions of users from more than 130 countries around the world. It has independent trading businesses or operation centers in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland and other countries and regions. In terms of technology platform, product line, safety risk control system, operation and customer service system, Huo coin is in a leading position among its global peers.
        1. Huobi global professional station (, an innovative digital asset trading platform serving global professional traders, is committed to discovering high-quality digital asset investment opportunities. At present, it provides trading and point-to-point investment services for nearly 10 digital asset categories. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, which is operated by Huobi global business team. 2. Huo coin Korea, a Korean won based digital asset trading platform, focuses on providing users with high-quality and convenient Korean won against digital asset trading services. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, it is operated by the Korean business team of Huo coin. 3. Huo coin China will be comprehensively transformed into a professional comprehensive information and research service platform in the vertical field of blockchain, focusing on providing users in Chinese Mainland with professional, in-depth and cutting-edge blockchain technology R & D and application information, and integrating industry consulting, research, education and training services.
        Headquartered in Beijing, China, it will continue to be operated by the Huo coin China business team. 4. Huo Coin Wallet focuses on providing users with safe, easy-to-use and convenient digital asset management services. The operation and management team has accumulated years of experience in blockchain and encryption technology. While using multiple security measures to protect user assets and support the storage of a variety of digital assets, the product is also committed to providing the ultimate, easy-to-use and convenient user experience. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it is operated by the Huo COIN WALLET business team. 5. Huo coin global dollar station will provide dollar based digital asset trading services to global qualified investors after completing the clearing and withdrawal of users in Chinese Mainland.
        Many years later, when we are old, looking back today, facing challenges and uncertainties, we were full of expectations and dreams for the reform of financial technology, and left our name in the long river of history with passion and blood. Thank you to every Huo coin user and all partners! Because of you, our efforts are more meaningful; Only when we stick to it, can we have the value of its existence!. Intelligence vuevlog will stop operation on September 30; Soul submits a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange; Joy capital closed its account for the first time with a new fund-raising of nearly 4billion yuan. The opening of the private banking department of Industrial Bank of information was approved; Supervision requires that banks should not force users to buy financial products when opening accounts; The IPO price of China Mobile A-share is 57.58 yuan.
        Information tick smoking in the hitchhiker deducted 6 points for behavior; Huawei account friend information stopped serving from June 30; Midea Group has stepped up layoffs. Intelligence Zhihu is reported to be considering the second listing in Hong Kong; Chizi city will participate in the privatization of Blue City brothers; Ant Wealth Investment Advisor was suspended. The eldest brother of intelligence P2P online loan was examined and prosecuted; Hanteng plans to complete bankruptcy reorganization before April 25; Tuniu will receive the NASDAQ delisting warning again. Tesla intelligence has officially started layoffs; Luo min, founder of qudian, started selling prefabricated vegetables; Fast Dog Taxi Hong Kong IPO margin temporarily recorded more than HK $112 million. Information Securities Regulatory Commission: all listed companies at the selected level have been converted to listed companies on the Beijing stock exchange; The proportion of bank housing related loans "slimmed down"; 159 funds withdrew from the stage.
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