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What is the application of blockchain technology to real scenes?

Time : 18/09/2021 Author : ya1k3q Click : + -
        An electronic invoice that cannot be tampered with, and a food traceability system that is difficult to fake &hellip& hellip; If blockchain technology is applied to real scenes, it may be able to solve many difficult pain points in people's daily life. In order to promote the maturity and implementation of this technology, on the morning of April 21, the unveiling ceremony of Henan blockchain Technology Research Association and China blockchain technology and industry high level summit were held in Zhengzhou Huanghe hotel. More than 400 blockchain technology experts, academicians and scholars from all over the country talked about the development of blockchain. Henan blockchain Technology Research Association was approved to be established on March 18, 2019. The supporting unit is Zhongyuan Institute of technology. It is managed by Henan science and Technology Association and registered by Henan Provincial Department of civil affairs according to law. It is a provincial, professional and non-profit social organization specializing in blockchain technology research and Application. It is the only provincial research association in Henan blockchain industry, It is one of the only two provincial blockchain technology research associations in China.
        In his keynote speech, Si Xueming, director of the blockchain special committee of the Chinese computer society and special adviser of the Henan blockchain Technology Research Association, pointed out that China's blockchain industrial ecosystem has initially taken shape and the industrial scale is small. In the first half of 2018, there were 425 blockchain enterprises providing blockchain professional technical support, products, solutions and other services with input or output, with an industrial scale of 450million yuan. It is expected that there will be more than 600 blockchain enterprises with input and output in 2019, and the industrial scale is expected to exceed 800 million yuan. What position does Henan occupy in this scale? Si Xueming pointed out that for Henan, its technology has been in existence for a short time, its industrial scale is small, and its application is in the exploratory stage.
        He said that for Henan, although blockchain faces challenges in terms of the number of enterprises and industrial ecology, it also has advantages in location and resources, as well as advantages in technical talents, military and civilian integration, and late development advantages in information construction. The traditional electronic invoice and paper invoice have a long circulation time, which makes the invoice easy to be tampered with. Zhujianming, Dean of the school of information technology of the Central University of Finance and economics, who is engaged in information security research, said that blockchain electronic invoices, through the joint participation of tax authorities, enterprises and other nodes, have achieved a closed-loop business, making the entire life cycle of invoices, including invoice collection, Invoicing, circulation and reimbursement, online, and real-time invoicing and reimbursement.
        As for how to write off blockchain electronic invoices, Zhu Jianming introduced the technical process behind it: when the invoice end initiates reimbursement or write off, the electronic invoice information of the invoice receiving end and the electronic invoice information of the invoice using end are checked at the enterprise end, and the invoice information is verified by mapping and checking the information of the invoicing enterprise and the invoice receiving enterprise at the tax bureau end. Zhu Jianming stressed that the tamper proof and traceable characteristics of blockchain technology ensure the line year of data. Relying on blockchain technology, the application of blockchain scenarios has been in-depth promoted since the first blockchain electronic invoice was first presented in Shenzhen. In March this year, Shenzhen subway, taxi, airport bus and other traffic scenarios launched the blockchain electronic invoice function at the same time, marking the promotion of blockchain electronic invoice to the transportation industry.
        Si Xueming said that benefiting from the irreversibility, decentralization, traceability and other characteristics of blockchain, the invoice can prevent code skipping, counterfeiting and other problems. Si Xueming said that for Henan, blockchain can be used in food, agriculture, logistics and other aspects to improve the informatization construction level of Henan and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in Henan. For example, blockchain technology can play a role in the anti-counterfeiting and traceability of agricultural products and food, and the combination of logistics industry and blockchain technology can also promote the development of logistics industry. "Personally, I am very optimistic about the blockchain industry and application prospects in Henan. Some domestic cities have developed well, but on the whole, blockchain technology has not appeared for a long time, the industrial scale is small, and it is in the application exploration stage, which provides an opportunity for Henan to catch up with other provinces.
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