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What did a blockchain forum say? The reporter counted the dry goods for you

Time : 24/08/2021 Author : jrbgom Click : + -
        On March 26, 2018 global blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum was successfully concluded at Hangzhou International Expo Center (G20 Hall). The summit was hosted by Hangzhou finance office, and hosted by Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Finance Office, Hangzhou blockchain technology and application Federation and Babbitt. The theme of this forum is "linking the world and leading the future". Wang Yuejian, director of Hangzhou Municipal Finance Office, Zhao Bo, President of China Institute of electronic technology standardization, Zhang Yifeng, President of China Banknote blockchain Technology Research Institute, Zhang Hui, head of ant financial blockchain technology, Babbitt and long clip, founder of Biyuan chain, and other heavyweight guests, as well as other outstanding blockchain representatives from all over the world, were invited to attend to discuss blockchain cutting-edge technologies, Analyze industry hotspots and explore the future trend of blockchain.
        The forum attracted nearly 4000 people at home and abroad to sign up. Due to the capacity limitation of the venue, 1400 people were finally admitted after screening by the organizers, and more than 2 million people watched the live broadcast outside. It is obvious that the scene is hot. Hangzhou is one of the most active cities in financial technology in China and even in the world, with a number of financial technology enterprises represented by ant financial, flush and Hang Seng electronics. As a representative technology of financial technology, blockchain technology has developed into a cutting-edge force of new technology and new finance. Governments and enterprises of various countries are carrying out their technology research and development and practical application in full swing. Hangzhou has put forward the goal of building a "global financial technology center", in which blockchain Technology is indispensable.
        In fact, over the past year, the blockchain industry has received the attention and attention of leaders at all levels in Zhejiang Province and the city, including the Political Research Office of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee, the Political Research Office of the Hangzhou municipal Party committee, the municipal finance office, the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, and many other departments have intensively investigated the blockchain industry and submitted research reports. At present, Hangzhou has launched the first blockchain Industrial Park in China and built a Wanxiang blockchain innovation and energy gathering city. The West Lake District government also issued the "opinions on building xixigou blockchain Industrial Park (Trial)" in May 2017. Hangzhou is attracting the attention of more and more blockchain entrepreneurs and projects at home and abroad. For example, last week, the Boston government brought many blockchain projects to Hangzhou to connect capital and market.
        At the China fintech maker competition held this week, 1/3 of the projects came from blockchain. In seizing the highland of blockchain development, Hangzhou, together with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, is in the first camp, and is recognized by the industry as "China's top four blockchain innovation cities". Some people use "AI is productivity and blockchain is production relationship" to evaluate the value of blockchain. Within the scope of multi-party collaboration mechanism, blockchain can promote the innovation of traditional institutions in business behavior and business model from the consistency of bottom data to the consistency of upper cooperation and business logic. Ant financial's blockchain development strategy is to focus on alliance chain and polish the blockchain platform around some commercial and financial application scenarios.
        Zhang Hui, the technical director of ant financial services blockchain, introduced the application cases of ant financial services blockchain at the scene, including public welfare charity, mutual insurance, cross-border traceability, and authentic anti-counterfeiting traceability. Taking the mutual insurance scenario as an example, ant financial and Xinmei Life Mutual Insurance Co., Ltd. work together to use the tamper proof and open and transparent characteristics of blockchain to upload the mutual insurance account, and record the corresponding member information and the investment information of the member mutual insurance plan, including the investment information, investment details and income data of the underlying assets, from the initiator of the mutual insurance plan to the asset management institution of the mutual insurance institution, onto the blockchain, It improves the transparency of the mutual aid program and increases the trust of members in the mutual aid program.
        In the supply chain finance scenario, the blockchain startup complex beauty has provided blockchain + supply chain finance solutions with HNA, Midea and other top 500 enterprises. For example, in the supply chain white note business for Midea finance, the loan contract is written on the blockchain, and the fund party will give it a loan after seeing the contract to generate a blockchain debit note. The flow of funds and goods is also recorded on the blockchain. The advantage of this is to reduce the participation of financial institutions in the supply chain, feed back more profits to enterprises and individuals, and reduce the operating costs of enterprises. Although blockchain has shown its commercial value in some business scenarios, it is still a long way from large-scale commercial use.
        Huang Butian, the founder of Yunxiang, said at the round table forum themed "blockchain ecological development" that morning that blockchain, as a trust machine, has broken the original trust mechanism between institutions. To transform the existing system or coordinate the interests of all parties offline, it is bound to encounter great obstacles in the process of landing. In addition, the infrastructure for the development of blockchain technology is not perfect, and it cannot reach high-frequency commercial application scenarios like Alipay. As a disruptive technology, what great impact will blockchain have on our lives? What will happen if blockchain breaks out in a large number of application scenarios in 5-10 years?. Che Keda, the founder of Youquan Tiancheng, described a picture at the summit. In the picture, artificial intelligence and blockchain are combined. Autonomous vehicle is completely free from human intervention and can carry passengers on the street independently. The proceeds are stored in blockchain digital wallet. When the car has saved enough money for you to buy it, it can even take the extra money to find human engineers to upgrade the system, So as to gain more advantages and make more money when competing with other self driving passenger cars.
        The problem of bill swiping on e-commerce platforms will no longer exist in the future. The traditional credit evaluation model is often an accumulation model, which regards transactions as equivalent transactions. The problem brought by this is that credit can be swiped at almost zero cost, which promotes customers and bad appraisers. Long clip mentioned the introduction of "coin day" destruction into the credit evaluation model. The so-called "coin day" destruction is based on the product of the money of each transaction and the time it stays in the account. Based on this feature, an irrevocable credit evaluation system can be built. In the process of such a transaction, it is no longer necessary to distinguish whether a transaction is a real transaction or a fraudulent transaction, and there is no centralized authority to freeze user accounts, This kind of credit evaluation system, which is completely based on mathematical models, will basically eliminate the problem of human nature doing evil.
        In the next 10 years, everyone will be on the blockchain. Wusijin, the founder of complex beauty, believes that the most important thing of blockchain is not technology, but its redefinition of production relations. "Blockchain is a once-in-a-century major opportunity in human society, and it may also be the only greatest opportunity in our generation's life. The sooner the blockchain starts, the higher its value. I don't think anyone will not be on the blockchain in ten years.".
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