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Jack Ma talks about blockchain: blockchain is not a foam, but bitcoin is

Time : 25/05/2022 Author : q68bv0 Click : + -
        Webmaster's home note: yesterday, at the second world intelligence conference, Ma Yun talked about the Internet of things, chips and artificial intelligence. He said: "we are still in the kindergarten of the intelligent era, and the IOT era needs new chips.". In addition, Ma Yun also mentioned the blockchain that has recently caught fire at the meeting. He said that blockchain is not a foam, but bitcoin is. Personally, he is optimistic about blockchain. He said that Alibaba has been working on blockchain technology for several years. Blockchain technology can solve the privacy and security problems of users in the data age. Ma Yun said that although blockchain is not a foam, not every enterprise can engage in blockchain technology.
        He said that many companies are now trading things with the concept of blockchain, which is worrying. I gave a marriage certificate to Alibaba employees a few days ago. I told an example. There was an engineer in ant financial. He wrote on the resume of the blind date that he was an engineer and a coder who wrote the code. As a result, no one clicked on his resume to see who he was. The girls were not interested in him. Later, he changed his resume to that I was a blockchain engineer and received more than 360 courtship letters at once. Blockchain is now a hot term. First of all, blockchain is not a foam, but bitcoin today is a foam. Bitcoin is just a small application of blockchain. We don't have a deep understanding of blockchain technology.
        Solution, today's blockchain is not a blockchain five years later, let alone a blockchain ten years later. Blockchain is not a huge gold mine. In my opinion, at least within Alibaba, blockchain must be a solution to the privacy and security of entering the data age. Only by taking it as a thing that brings value to society can it become wealth s. Today, many people who enter the district chain think that it is something to make money in the future, and that is basically over. First of all, you should think about what problems it can solve in the data age? What unique value it brings to enterprises, governments, consumers and society is promising, but I am very optimistic about blockchain. Alibaba has been studying blockchain for several years, and when Alibaba first started to invest in blockchain, I didn't understand what blockchain was at that time, but I heard that this thing can solve the security and privacy of data, so Alibaba began to invest in blockchain, Today, Alibaba is the company with the largest number of blockchain patented technologies in the world.
        The reason for investing in blockchain is that Alibaba can't help others to spread information on the Internet, including social media, unwanted (E blockchain, we do Internet finance. We have trillions of transactions on Alibaba trading platform, and tens of trillions of transactions. Without blockchain, we will die. Alibaba must have blockchain, but we didn't think that this game can turn into bitcoin to make money. In my own opinion, blockchain is not a bubble, and blockchain must be a benefit to society, data, people, government and enterprises Solutions. If you do it in a down-to-earth manner, it will definitely bring rewards. But today's blockchain has become a hot term. In fact, not every enterprise can engage in e-blockchain technology.
        Now, many people are buying and selling is block chain, which is also quite worrying.
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