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The global conference of "budding bee awn" bee chain mutual aid and lifelong major disease mutual aid program products was successfully held

Time : 14/06/2022 Author : xlvhf2 Click : + -
        According to public information, the total number of members in the field of mutual assistance has exceeded 150million, becoming an emerging part of the social security system. This just confirms the theme of the global conference of bee chain mutual aid &mdash& mdash; "The first bee awn". On January 11, 2019, the global conference of "budding bees" sponsored by bee chain (Beijing) blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. was held at COFCO land Plaza in Beijing. Yin Chaoping, President of Jiuding capital group and chairman of Jiuding Hongyi group; Yu Bin, Party Secretary of ZhongGuanCun software industry, President of Software Association and chairman of Haidian Credit Industry Federation; Luan Mingyue, general manager of Guiyang science and Technology Financial Investment Co., Ltd; Yang Jiashu, deputy general manager of AVIC UNITA property insurance company; Chen Xiguang, vice president of Pangda group; Liu Danhua, director of China United Group; Chen Xuhui, director of Weilai insurance brokerage Co., Ltd; Tang Qilin, general manager of Boya Aiwen education group, and many other guests were invited to attend and shared with more than 100 industry insiders the future of blockchain mutual assistance in their eyes.
        "Bee chain mutual aid is a blockchain mutual aid platform that focuses on serving weak groups. It takes ‘ linking you, me and him, and guarding thousands of families ’ as its own responsibility. It is hoped that by pooling the strength of each weak group, individuals can closely help each other like bees and jointly resist life risks." Zhou Peng, President of Zhongqun blockchain group and general manager of bee chain (Beijing) blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., explained to you the original intention and value mission of bee chain mutual aid, and put forward the grand vision that bee chain mutual aid will continue to create a real and effective mutual aid system for small and vulnerable groups, opening the prelude to the press conference. Baiyufeng, CPO of bee chain mutual aid, systematically introduced the relevant information of bee chain mutual aid products and made a product demonstration for you.
        Bai Yufeng compared the products of the mutual aid and security industry, and pointed out with the data that the mutual aid industry represented by waterdrop mutual aid, easy mutual aid, mutual treasure and other platforms is developing rapidly. Then, from the four distinctive functions of bee chain mutual aid: compensation seconds, fund co management, community co construction, and data uplink, he analyzed in detail the unique advantages of bee chain mutual aid over other mutual aid platforms, And take the only health mutual aid product with full coverage of serious and mild diseases in the mutual aid market &mdash& mdash; Taking the life-long serious illness mutual aid plan of bee chain as an example, it intuitively shows the characteristics of life-long, transparent and open products of bee chain mutual aid. Unlike the products of other mutual aid platforms, bee chain mutual aid can "benefit the whole family by joining one person", that is, when one person joins the mutual aid, up to 6 family members such as parents, spouses and children can join the mutual aid without service fee.
        After that, Wang Rongren, COO of bee chain mutual aid, talked about one of the future development plans of bee chain &mdash& mdash; The "bee colony plan" plans to recruit 100000 bee colony nodes in 100 cities, 1000 counties and 10000 villages across the country within two years, build 10000 hive homes, and help 100million weak groups through the bee chain mutual aid platform. In the future, beehive home will also carry out in-depth cooperation with government, public welfare, medical, enterprises, social groups and other institutions to improve the mutual aid system of weak groups. At the press conference, the guests Yu Bin, Yang Jiashu, Chen Xuhui and Tang Qilin analyzed the positive significance of bee chain mutual assistance to education, people's livelihood and social harmony from the perspectives of policy, insurance field, cooperative institutions and bee chain mutual assistance nodes.
        Blockchain technology has played an important role since the establishment of bee chain. Yin Chaoping, angel investor of bee chain mutual aid, elaborated on how to deeply integrate blockchain technology with the mutual aid field from the spirit and application of blockchain technology. He believed that the decentralized, tamper proof and traceable characteristics of blockchain were highly consistent with the essence of mutual aid products. Blockchain + mutual aid must be the future of mutual aid. Subsequently, relevant guests from government agencies, investment institutions, insurance industry and bee chain cooperation institutions and Zhou Peng, general manager of bee chain mutual aid, jointly pressed the launch ceremony button, opening a new chapter in the development of bee chain mutual aid. Bee chain mutual aid announced that it will promote the concept and purpose of mutual aid to the world on the basis of domestic and in combination with the national "the Belt and Road" strategy; At the same time, we will work with more government agencies, enterprise associations and public welfare organizations to practice social responsibility and strive to grow into a great social enterprise.
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