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80% of blockchain listed companies' share prices are booming, and most companies have not yet generated revenue

Time : 14/10/2021 Author : t06dqx Click : + -
        Since this year, blockchain has become a new outlet for investment. As of yesterday, 70 listed companies had been incorporated into the blockchain concept, of which 58 companies' share prices rose, and of the four suspended, only 8 companies' share prices fell, and more than 80% of the companies' share prices rose. In the first half of the year, the share prices of many "listed companies on the chain" fluctuated abnormally. However, in the relevant announcement, the listed companies mentioned that the stock price changes were affected by "blockchain", but they unanimously said that at present, the company's blockchain technology did not bring revenue and was still in the research and development stage. Yesterday, the share prices of blockchain concept listed companies rose all the way. 58 of the 66 companies with normal trading rose, accounting for nearly 90%, reaching 87.88%.
        The share price rose between 0.77% and 8.11%. UFIDA network led with an increase of 8.01%, followed by China Great Wall, Annie shares, Shenzhou Taiyue, Runhe software, with an increase of more than 5%. It is understood that Runhe software has invested about 10million yuan in the research and development of blockchain technology, and the number of relevant R & D personnel is about 37. At present, Runhe software has cooperated with a large state-owned financial customer in the field of blockchain and signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Subsequently, it has successively implemented blockchain guarantee, blockchain letter of credit, blockchain factoring, blockchain Forfaiting and other business products, and will continue to implement blockchain re factoring, confirmed warehouse, chattel pledge, warehouse receipt financing, credit guarantee financing and other business products.
        Annie shares is also carrying out blockchain technology business, and has the conditions for landing. In January this year, Annie shares announced that it would study the application of blockchain technology in the field of copyright protection since 2016. At present, the copyright blockchain products have passed the evaluation of relevant professional institutions, and an external test version will be released in the near future. Unlike the above companies, great wall of China does not directly develop blockchain technology, but uses its power products to enter the mining machine market. The announcement shows that in the blockchain digital currency mining machine market, great wall power supply relies on its strong technical reserves and resource integration capabilities, and Great Wall's ten million level dragon series power supply is the best, becoming a benchmark product of high-performance power supply for Chinese graphics card digital mining machines.
        Guohai Securities believes in the research report that enterprises with traffic advantages, sharing scene advantages and blockchain technology advantages are expected to give priority to stand out in blockchain applications. Blockchain technology is a process of aggregating idle resources to the maximum extent (decentralization) through innovative trusted technology, achieving maximum effect at the minimum cost, creating scientific and technological dividends, and finally realizing business value in application. Enterprises with "technology + business scenario" synchronization are in the first place to implement large-scale applications. Enterprises with traffic advantages, shared scenario advantages and blockchain technology advantages are expected to give priority to stand out in blockchain applications. The reporter of Securities Daily noted that since this year, many listed companies such as Annie shares, Shenzhou Taiyue, information development, Shenzhen technology, Xinchen technology and precision information have been labeled as "blockchain", causing abnormal fluctuations in stock prices, and most of them said that blockchain technology is in the research and development or initial stage, and has not brought real income yet.
        Some listed companies frankly said that their share prices rose sharply due to being labeled as "blockchain". For example, the stock price of Shenzhou Taiyue increased by more than 20% in two consecutive trading days, and Shenzhou Taiyue conducted a self-examination to explain that some public media listed the company as a "blockchain concept stock"; And Shenzhen Technology bluntly said, "recently, blockchain technology has received high attention in the market. The market classified the company as ‘ blockchain concept stock ’ and the company's share price rose." Previously, Shenzhen Technology's share price rose from 9.68 yuan to 11.20 yuan, with a cumulative increase of 15.70%. Faced with the sharp rise in share prices, most listed companies said that blockchain technology is currently in the R & D or initial stage, and has not yet brought real benefits.
        For example, Shenzhen Technology said when its share price rose that at present, the company has not invested in research and development in the blockchain field, nor has it formed relevant technologies; Information development means that the blockchain project is still in the research and development stage, and there is no benefit to the company's business performance at this stage; Xinchen technology believes that the blockchain business is in the cultivation and exploration period, and its future development is also uncertain;. It can be seen that the research and development of blockchain technology by listed companies is generally at an early stage. "The shortage of blockchain technical talents and imperfect infrastructure are the urgent problems to be solved at present", blockchain economist Wang Xuezong once told the reporter of Securities Daily, "to promote the implementation of blockchain applications also needs to create a good legal environment, establish reasonable and tolerant regulatory policies, embrace the technological revolution with inclusiveness, cultivate the soil suitable for the growth of the technological revolution, and do not miss the great opportunity brought by blockchain technology.
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