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The blockchain application, which is widely expected, has landed in China's quality chain, making a good start

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        In modern business, innovation can bring a step from 0 to 1, while quality is the foundation and guarantee from 1 to N. innovation plus quality is the only secret for a brand to obtain goodwill and value. At the Shenzhen station of the second Shenzhen international brand week and China brand day held on May 9, how to improve quality has also become a hot topic at this meeting. The "quality chain network" jointly launched by Inspur Group and China Inspection and quarantine society has attracted much attention and aroused widespread enthusiasm for participation; Earlier, on May 8, Weihai municipal government and Beijing shounong Logistics Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, realizing the first full industry chain application of China's quality chain in the field of agriculture and food.
        The application of blockchain technology, which is highly expected by many people, has made a good start for China's quality chain with practical actions, opening a "quality era" in which blockchain technology is used to reshape China's brand and promote the national quality power strategy. In 1985, Zhang Ruimin, who was then the director of Qingdao Refrigerator General Factory, hit the unqualified Haier refrigerator with the first blow, which triggered a widespread debate in the society. How to improve quality has become the proposition of the times for many Chinese enterprises. Time has passed for more than 30 years. Made in China has become a national label. Chinese goods with high quality and low price sell well in the world. However, it is a little regrettable that although hundreds of Chinese enterprises are shortlisted in the Fortune 500, there are still few Chinese brands that can really rank in the Top100 of the world brand list, and the premium ability and brand added value of Chinese goods are still at a low level. To some extent, made in China in the past has been labeled as a synonym for cheap goods, such as Xiaomi, which is about to be listed in Hong Kong, In fact, the recent recovery in sales depends on the introduction of cheap models in markets such as India; China is a large agricultural production country, but Chinese food brands that can really enjoy a good reputation in the world are still scarce. Now many newborn parents prefer to spend time and effort to carry children's formula milk powder from overseas human flesh. In the final analysis, there are problems in the quality and brand trust of domestic products.
        Since the founding of new China, especially after 40 years of rapid development of reform and opening up, China has built a modern industrial system with relatively complete categories, which can be called a great achievement in the history of human industry. However, in the process of rapid development of new China's industry, relatively more attention is paid to speed and scale, while the requirements for quality are not so strict, so many large-scale enterprises with low profitability and brand premium have been created. Quality issues are related to the people's livelihood and also determine the national image and future destiny. Therefore, quality issues have been highly concerned by China's top decision-makers in recent years. In September 2017, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the guiding opinions on carrying out quality improvement actions.
        This is the first time in the history of quality development in China and is of great milestone significance. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was also clearly proposed to take improving the quality of the supply system as the main direction, adhere to quality first and efficiency first, and promote the quality, efficiency and power changes of economic development. Some people once said that high quality comes from supervision. In fact, the relevant national departments have done a lot of practical and effective quality supervision in the past, but subject to objective conditions such as human, financial and material resources, coupled with the emerging new economic composition such as e-commerce, the effect of quality supervision needs to be improved, but the quality problem is obviously not enough to rely on the consciousness of enterprises, and there are too many and excessive quality supervision at the administrative level, It is also easy to bring right rent-seeking and increase the burden of enterprise operation, so how to establish a scientific, effective, economic and transparent quality supervision system, in addition to the determined innovation of the competent departments, the introduction of new technology is also an essential medicine.
        Quality chain is a brand-new concept, which was jointly proposed by Inspur and the China Inspection and quarantine society. It innovatively combines blockchain technology with the "qbbss" whole process quality improvement support system, thus forming a "quality chain" that can cover all elements of the product quality system. As the chief designer of the "China Quality Chain", Wei Chuanzhong, President of the China Inspection and Quarantine Association and former deputy director of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, said: quality improvement requires action and attention. Promoting the "quality revolution" also requires action and efforts. In order to scientifically promote the implementation of quality improvement and help quality improvement and "quality revolution", the China Inspection and quarantine society, together with relevant departments, has studied and established a "five in one" whole process quality improvement support system (hereinafter referred to as "qbbss" system).
        According to Wei Chuanzhong, qbbss system refers to the construction of a whole process quality improvement support system that "takes quality credit enterprises as the main body, takes product quality standards as the benchmark, relies on inspection and testing, takes quality traceability as the means, and takes quality insurance as the guarantee". Specifically, the system has five meanings: first, adhere to the quality credit enterprise as the main body, give play to the role of the main responsibility of the enterprise, and lead the enterprise to operate in good faith; Second, adhere to the product quality standards as the benchmark, give play to the leading role of quality standards to improve the overall level of product quality; Third, adhere to relying on inspection and testing, and give play to the supporting role of inspection and testing to ensure the consistency of product quality; Fourth, adhere to the quality traceability as a means to play a negative role in quality traceability, so as to lock in the main body of quality accountability; Fifth, we should take quality insurance as the guarantee and give full play to the guarantee role of advance compensation to effectively protect the legitimate rights of consumers.
        Xiao Xue, vice president of Inspur Group, pointed out in the keynote speech "linking the road of quality and polishing the city brand" that "there have been three changes in the development of quality in China. The first is the change from made in China to created in China, the second is the change from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the third is the change from Chinese products to Chinese brands." Xiao Xue said that the quality chain jointly launched by Inspur and the China Inspection and Quarantine Association uses the blockchain polycentric model to form a cross organizational mutual trust relationship between government departments, industry enterprises and relevant service institutions, and solves the "management problem" of high enterprise trust costs with a low "technology cost"; Internally integrate standards, measurement, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation and other businesses, form a mechanism of data interconnection, CO governance and sharing, empower enterprises with "data intelligence", promote the improvement of product quality, and establish a quality closed-loop management system integrating quality credit, quality standards, inspection and testing, quality traceability, and quality insurance.
        The quality chain takes advantage of the tamperability and traceability of blockchain data, combined with the consensus certification of government regulatory departments, inspection and testing service agencies and other organizations, to further improve the credibility of the whole quality system. At the same time, it connects the data of the whole life cycle of product production and circulation, including enterprise quality oath and inspection and testing recognition, to create an authoritative platform for enterprises to swear brand quality, and truly form an environment in which good money drives bad money. In the past, manufacturing a commodity required raw materials, energy, production tools, human resources, patent reserves and other factors, but in the future, all commodities will inevitably add a new factor of production, that is, data. Indeed, the boundary between the physical world and the digital world is constantly blurring and melting, and the digital transformation has already been in full swing. Among them, the industrial Internet is an important part. The original intention of the digital transformation is to enable enterprises to become more efficient, transparent and competitive with the help of Digitalization. In fact, the industrial Internet is more about efficiency, but how to avoid human interference and pollution of data, Thus, it has become an urgent problem to form an effective help to improve quality.
        Volkswagen shocked the world before the exhaust emission detection fraud case, in fact, the root cause lies in the weak supervision of traditional detection methods on cheating. The recent explosion of so-called organic vegetables sold in supermarkets, whose pesticide residues seriously exceed the standard, shows that relying on simple digital means, deliberate reality fraud cannot be eliminated. Blockchain technology, with its decentralized and tamper proof technical characteristics, has immediately played a unique value in quality supervision. Xiao Xue said that blockchain is a real revolution in production relations. Its decentralized nature has reconstructed the relationship between all parties in the Internet economy. Just like Moutai and Dong'e Ejiao, which have considered adopting the Chinese quality chain, consumers can know the complete set of information about the Maotai or Ejiao they buy from the production raw materials, production time to circulation as long as they scan with a specific app.
        Now, in the golden autumn when hairy crabs are collectively listed, there will be a strange phenomenon that the number of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs on the market is dozens of times that of the actual Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. But in the future, as long as the Chinese quality chain is used, those bathing crabs will have no hiding place. When the cost of counterfeiting is higher than the benefits brought by the honest improvement of quality, the real role of quality supervision will naturally be reflected. In December 2017, Gree appliances, Midea life appliances, xinmingzhu ceramics, Dongpeng holdings, Mona Lisa, vatti shares, Wanhe new electric, Hongtao ceramics, HongRi gas appliance and other nine high-quality brand enterprises in Guangdong became the first batch of enterprises in Guangdong Province to join the quality chain jointly created by Inspur and the China Inspection and quarantine society.
        Recently, Weihai municipal government and Beijing shounong have contributed to the first application of China's quality chain in the field of agriculture and food. Dong'e Ejiao, Tsingtao beer, Jingzhi liquor, Changyu and Luhua have reached an intention of joining in cooperation with Langchao. As the first batch of enterprises in Shandong, they join the quality chain to comprehensively improve product quality through the quality chain. At the Shenzhen station of the second Shenzhen international brand week and China brand day, China's quality chain has aroused the strong enthusiasm of Shenzhen enterprises to participate. The implementation of quality chain has been carried out in Guangdong and Shandong, and has gradually evolved into a nationwide upsurge of competing to join the "quality chain". In essence, it is also the rigid demand for all parts of the country to seize the opportunity of economic transformation.
        As the state's assessment of local leaders has shifted from focusing on the growth rate of GDP to emphasizing the quality of GDP growth, under the premise that the objective conditions such as natural resources and transportation conditions are roughly finalized, how to achieve economic transformation and find new driving forces with the help of new technologies has become extremely important. Guizhou's rapid and high-quality economic development in recent years is based on the east wind of big data and cloud computing, Blockchain technology brings a valuable opportunity to overtake in corners. The successive landing of China's quality chain in various places is actually full of the hope of local policymakers to obtain new momentum for urban development through new changes. Establishing a transparent and efficient new quality supervision system through the quality chain is a new and bold exploration for effectively improving social trust and brand trust and reducing social operation costs.
        With the continuous expansion of the application scope of China's quality chain, quality will also be truly exposed to the sun, which will force enterprises to continuously improve product quality, so as to truly realize the "quality power". In the future, made in China can become a synonym and a new label for high quality and innovation, and can also become an important measure of China's national soft power.
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