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Blockchain video introduction,Li Jiangtao's view on the importance of establishing a normalized video application system

Time : 27/05/2022 Author : tjifad Click : + -
        Today, I will give a lecture to the executives and dealers of the May 8th recruitment sector in the same city. The main content is to study the future population development and the development trend of human resources. Resumes are sent out in the process of looking for a job, which is a traditional mode for employers to choose. Employers can see what meets their requirements through their resumes. The so-called normalization should have a platform for job seekers' videos. The platform has a personal video introduction of the applicant. There is an introduction to the candidate's previous work scene and the candidate's personal talents. This is the display space platform. It is recorded by the applicant, which gives the recruiter certain permission to browse the Internet in some way according to their requirements. This video of the application can be supplemented and improved by blockchain technology for a long time.
        Once a person leaves a company, he can send a normalized video content on it, and then cooperate with the modified resume. Form a short video platform. For example, in the same city on May 8th, you can push it to the units in need according to your personal situation and the modification of your resume. The first reason is that this video introduction can completely see the basic information, appearance, eloquence and personal appearance of the applicant, which is easy to understand. The second reason is to use a blockchain technology for data storage. If the recruitment unit is willing to pay more, the platform can build a service platform to provide a better way to understand the candidates.
        Moreover, due to the introduction of blockchain technology, we have a better understanding of candidates. There is better storage of past data. For candidates, it plays a restrictive role. You should pay attention to your workplace image, pay attention to the progress and changes in the application process, and pay attention to your personal performance. This content, for employers, can be very real-time understanding of the applicant's work stages, from the original resume to a video. We can see his specific situation and have a greater sense of realism. In particular, we can see his changes. In this way, it can provide reliable time effective services for online recruitment. For platform companies, a large amount of data will be formed. Such a large amount of data is conducive to the precipitation of resources by the platform company and do a good job for further services.
        It is also very good for candidates, who can precipitate their past experience, urge themselves to do a good job and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. In this way, employers can easily understand their past. It is easy to cultivate professionals. In fact, the technical reserve for the construction of normalized video is enough, including blockchain technology and video technology. If the algorithm is added, there may be better services for employers. In fact, the best developer of this system should be the platform company. Now the company can build a more comprehensive service for employers based on the concept of a simple intermediary.
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