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Blockchain +cat1+ chip, will the digital society come?

Time : 28/07/2022 Author : 764lp1 Click : + -
        First of all, it needs to be clear that blockchain technology is innovative. Tuwenhui, senior director of Wanxiang blockchain "blockchain +" technology department, said that bitcoin was just an experimental application of blockchain in the payment field. This is very important because many people equate bitcoin with blockchain. This concept is wrong. Blockchain is an infrastructure technology, so it can shine in traditional industries, form a business model, and build a digital society through it. Why can blockchain and cat.1 come together? Let's first understand what cat.1 is. Cat. 1 its full name is lteue-category1, which is a standard of user terminal category under 4G communication LTE network, and mainly faces the application market of Internet of things.
        In the future, everything will be interconnected, and the speed requirement is not high, but it needs to be connected anytime, anywhere. This is the advantage of cat.1, which also determines the huge market prospect of cat.1. Blockchain +cat 1. Both provide guarantee for the realization of Internet of things application scenarios. Lin Yao, CEO of Molian technology, believes that cellular wireless modules are a very important entrance in the era of the Internet of things. Molian technology has reached a cooperation with domestic mainstream module manufacturers to transplant the boat blockchain application framework to the cellular module of module manufacturers, making the cellular module an entry point for the trusted blockchain application of the Internet of things. Molian technology is equivalent to providing fertile ground for the trusted blockchain application of the Internet of things. Based on this, enterprises can launch corresponding services.
        Guanghetong cooperated with Molian technology to launch the first cat-1 blockchain module l610. Liusunzhi, product marketing director of guanghetong, introduced that l610 is the first CAT1 module that has passed ccc/srrc/nal certification and meets the conditions for commercial delivery, and it is also the first CAT1 module that has been warehoused through telecommunications. It supports ltecat-1bis, GSM and GPRS the third mock examination. The whole system supports LCD, camera, keyboard and voice, and supports the customer's whole machine design in one step. You can choose to support Bluetooth, WiFi scan and complementary long-distance and short-distance communication to ensure that data communication is safe.
        At the same time, it also has rich hardware interface resources, and the software has various peripheral support capabilities, supporting a variety of data transmission protocols and application services. For example, TCP, UDP, HTTP, mqtt, etc. support mainstream "cloud" platform connections. So far, are there any examples? Yunjia intelligent travel platform is one of them. Wu Kai, vice president of Yunjia intelligent, introduced that Yunjia intelligent travel platform can realize the reservation function of vehicles and the implementation of smart contracts. It realizes the low-cost cloud launch of T-box through the module of guanghetong, the chain launch of T-box through the technology of Molian technology, and the application through Yunjia mobile travel platform.
        Yunjia intelligent travel platform also proves blockchain +cat 1 has great prospects. Xian Miao, vice president of Ziguang zhanrui industrial Internet of things, introduced zhanrui's products for wide area Internet of things, including chunteng 8908a supporting NB IOT and Nb iot& GSM dual-mode chunteng 8909b, supporting cat.1& GSM dual-mode chunteng 8910dm, supporting cat.4& WCDMA& The GSM multimode chunteng 8521e, as well as the more high-end chunteng 8581e based on ltecat.6 and strong AI processing capacity, and the chunteng v510 based on 5g communication technology.
        I believe you have seen blockchain +cat 1. The prospects brought by the two technologies. At present, the enterprises involved are still actively exploring, and have made good progress in technology + software + hardware. You can imagine that in the future, with the popularization of technology and the interconnection of all things, our society will enter the digital era. Coupled with the development of artificial intelligence technology, you will enjoy all kinds of convenience brought by the intelligent digital society.
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