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Create a good financial ecosystem and help the high-quality development of Supply Chain Finance

Time : 09/04/2022 Author : dbfhog Click : + -
        Qingdao jinjialing financial district is located in the east of Qingdao and Laoshan District, with a total planned area of 23.7 square kilometers. It is the core area of Qingdao national wealth management and financial comprehensive reform pilot zone. In recent years, under the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government and the care and support of all sectors of society, Qingdao jinjialing financial district has adhered to the logic of the market, the power of capital, and the path of innovation. With a multi pronged approach to attracting investment, building carriers, and strengthening the ecosystem, it has steadily embarked on the path of high-quality development. In order to highlight the characteristics of wealth management, 23 large legal entities have been settled in the District, accounting for 63% of the city; It brings together three financial management subsidiaries, Everbright financial management, Bank of Qingdao financial management and Hengfeng financial management, and has become one of the most concentrated areas of bank financial management companies in China; In order to speed up the gathering of venture capital resources, a number of head institutions such as the science and innovation master fund with a total scale of 50billion yuan, the Guoxin equity investment fund with a scale of 10billion yuan and the Qingdao municipal government guidance fund have been settled in the District, and venture capital has become a trend; In order to take the lead in the field of digital finance, the district has comprehensively undertaken the pilot tasks of financial technology innovation and application of six ministries and commissions including the people's Bank of China, created Qingdao's leading demonstration zone of financial technology, and built the country's first digital RMB exhibition and experience center.
        With the increasing enrichment of financial formats and the continuous upgrading of service capabilities, the "weight" of jinjialing financial district has steadily increased, and has gradually become a regional financial center connecting Beijing and Shanghai and radiating Northeast Asia, promoting the leapfrog development of Qingdao's financial industry. At present, 1177 financial institutions and similar financial enterprises have settled in the financial district, covering 22 types of financial formats; There are 13 listed enterprises at home and abroad; There are nearly 100 key buildings in the region, including 35 buildings with tax revenue of more than 100 million yuan and 7 buildings with tax revenue of more than 1 billion yuan. In 2021, the added value of the financial industry in the region reached 20.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 11.5%. The growth rate ranked first in the city, accounting for 20.3% of GDP. The tax revenue of the financial industry accounted for 32.4% of the regional tax revenue, becoming the largest pillar industry driving regional economic growth.
        In 2021, Qingdao's venture capital industrial cluster, led by Qingdao jinjialing Financial District, was included in the "top ten industries" and "wild goose formation" clusters that Shandong Province focuses on cultivating and supporting. Jinjialing financial district has become the loudest "IP" for the high-quality development of Qingdao's financial industry. In the important task of "five areas co creation" entrusted by the municipal Party committee to Laoshan, building the core area of the wealth management and financial comprehensive reform pilot area and the "four new" economic agglomeration area are like one body and two wings, which should not only go hand in hand, but also cross-border coupling, and use the financial "living water" to promote more "hard core" innovation and successful entrepreneurship. Next, the financial district will focus on promoting the high-quality development of the city's supply chain finance, empower the "supply chain", strive to create a new engine for innovative development, and build a new highland of "supply chain finance".
        Supply chain finance is an important starting point to promote the supply side structural reform, and it is also an important breakthrough to promote the formation of a double circular economy pattern and solve the financing problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the data collected by the world bank enterprise survey, the financing situation of enterprises of different sizes in China varies widely. The proportion of small enterprises obtaining loans or credit lines is only 14%, the proportion of medium-sized enterprises is 35%, and the proportion of large enterprises is 51%. Moreover, the main reason why small and medium-sized enterprises cannot apply for loans is that banks have too high collateral requirements and complex application procedures. From the current situation of Chinese banks granting loans to small and medium-sized enterprises, for small and medium-sized enterprises whose assets are mainly goods, equipment or real estate, and whose business information is not perfect, the problem of financing difficulties will continue, and the potential of the supply chain financial market to open up chattel financing channels is huge.
        Therefore, jinjialing Financial District supports leading enterprises in various industries, e-commerce, science and technology, and logistics enterprises with real scenes and intelligent risk control capabilities to carry out supply chain finance business, so as to accelerate the capital turnover of small and medium-sized enterprises, expand the scale of trade, reduce the early investment in the supply chain development of small and medium-sized enterprises, reduce the lending risk for banks, and promote the healthy development of the supply chain. The core of supply chain finance is to face the overall operation of the supply chain. Starting from the whole supply chain industry chain, we should use financial technology means to integrate logistics, capital flow, information flow and other information. Under the background of real transactions, we should build a financial supply system and risk assessment system that integrates the dominant core enterprises in the supply chain with upstream and downstream enterprises, and provide systematic financial solutions, In order to quickly respond to the comprehensive needs of enterprises in the industrial chain, such as payment and settlement, trade financing, platform construction, financial management, exchange rate hedging and so on, reduce enterprise costs, enhance the value of all parties in the industrial chain, and serve the real economy through comprehensive supply chain financial solutions.
        Jinjialing financial district will combine the local economic characteristics and core competitiveness of Qingdao, vigorously improve the supply chain financial service capacity of advantageous industries, including international shipping trade and advanced manufacturing, carry out systematic supply chain financial training, guidance, publicity and guidance for small and medium-sized enterprises in advantageous industries on a pilot basis, implement the use of financial tools to promote the development of enterprises and industries, and lead Qingdao's port economy Import and export economy, logistics economy and other advantageous industries are developing to a higher quality. Focusing on creating a first-class legal business environment that allows enterprises to be satisfied with "everything can't be done without saying what to do", jinjialing financial district will further upgrade its services and provide services to enterprises with the spirit of "waiter".
        We should innovate and establish the service mechanism of "five questions and five promotions" and "entering buildings and enterprises", and use the "rendanheyi" model to solve difficulties for enterprises. For matters related to key enterprises and key projects, wall charts are used to solve problems, strengthen the "one mechanism", optimize the "all things done", refine the "one-time success", solidify the "one-stop service", and deepen the "one gang to the end". Today's financial district is in the golden period of accelerating and leaping development. For any innovative entrepreneur who dares to pursue his dream, choosing a financial district is to choose opportunities, taking root in a financial district is to take root in fertile soil, and embracing a financial district is to embrace the future. In the future, the financial district will show its utmost sincerity to provide the "supply chain finance" enterprises in the district with the best quality environment, the widest platform and the most considerate services, so that more "supply chain" enterprises can pay attention to the financial district, take root in the financial district, and work together to create a better tomorrow! (our reporter).
        /Homepage news recently, the people's Bank of China Qingdao Central Branch and Qingdao local financial supervision and Administration jointly issued guidance to support jinjialing financial agglomeration area to create a leading demonstration area of financial technology. It is clear that we will promote the pilot of fintech in the demonstration zone based on the principles of digital drive, wisdom for the people, green, low-carbon, fairness and inclusiveness. Encourage financial institutions and technology enterprises to set up R & D institutions such as financial technology companies and financial technology R & D centers in the demonstration zone; Support the establishment of digital Finance Research Institute and digital finance industry alliance; Strengthen the training and introduction of financial technology talents; Explore the application of big data, blockchain, virtual reality and other technologies to improve the level of wealth management; Financial technology companies and scientific research institutions in the demonstration zone are encouraged to carry out innovative research and development of digital RMB.
        We will strive to build a leading demonstration zone of financial technology in China through three years of efforts to further enhance the ability of financial services to the real economy.
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