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The application of blockchain technology is sinking, and many industries realize leapfrog development with the help of blockchain

Time : 05/06/2022 Author : 9zu7hk Click : + -
        2018 was called the first year of blockchain by blockchain practitioners. In the past year, the digital industry has developed rapidly and decentralized, and the concept of Internet of everything has become the mainstream of the new generation of network technology. It has become a consensus to realize the upgrading and development of enterprises with the help of blockchain Technology. A number of technology enterprise giants such as bat, radio and television express, UFIDA network, Hang Seng, Shenzhen Technology and so on have entered the blockchain industry. A group of enterprises and institutions that go hand in hand with the giants are also carrying out their own exploration, from technological breakthroughs to talent reserves, from application scenarios to physical delivery. At present, a hundred flowers have bloomed. According to the reporter, at present, the application of blockchain is relatively mature and stable, and the industries that have achieved interconnection and parallel behavior and value are concentrated in some key areas of first tier cities, such as tourism and intelligent consumption.
        Shenzhen, for example, was recently awarded by the China Society of business economics to Shenzhen Tianyi Zhijian Industrial Co., Ltd. to jointly establish a national blockchain application technology research center with local innovative enterprises, which officially opened the curtain of blockchain technology oriented research for enterprises at all levels and types, and also began science popularization tour activities across the country, While providing one-stop solutions including digitalization to meet the needs of enterprises, it also cultivates application talents at all levels of blockchain for enterprises. During the interview, the reporter learned that the blockchain technology application currently carried out in Shenzhen for the tourism industry has achieved very good market response and effect. It generates value through travel behavior, organically connects people, food, housing and transportation in the process of travel, links the economy of scenic spots, pulls the industrial chain, and also realizes the application scenario of creating wealth and achieving win-win results through people's travel process itself.
        For example, Shenzhen real world travel club through the organization of travel groups, through the blockchain technology to open up the flow of people, logistics, scenic spots, catering, accommodation, entertainment and other links, reduce the level of profit, through the artificial carrier to promote the travel node, the travel node through the publicity effect to reduce free use or even pay, win-win cooperation, basically achieved the goal of popular scenic spots, tourists spend less or even no money. Similarly, in the field of intelligent consumption, such as the purchase of bulk commodity cars, car companies need to promote and reputation, and consumers need to spend less money. The combination of the two uses the sinking of blockchain application scenarios to build a perfect digital trading platform, reduce intermediate links, and maximize the generation of consumer intelligent behavior.
        With the in-depth study of blockchain technology, all walks of life will inevitably appear new profit growth models and new business orientations with the application of various application scenarios and new blockchain technology. Wealth is in the middle of human behavior itself and the end of consumption, and the point-to-point dissemination of information itself is a component of the value chain, which will also dominate the development direction and future of blockchain industry.
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