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Blockchain really brings us into the value Internet

Time : 04/08/2021 Author : l7f45g Click : + -
        With the emergence of blockchain technology, the business form has also changed, and a new distributed business form has emerged. It will have a slight impact on the whole business environment. Now we all call blockchain value Internet, which pursues absolute decentralized applications to a certain extent. But in the next five to ten years, this complete decentralization will be very difficult to achieve. Anti. Now everyone treats blockchain differently. Because different groups, backgrounds and environments make everyone have different views on blockchain. Internet enterprises pay more attention to the very strong network effect, while the real economy pays more attention to the cost and other directions.
        The reason why it is difficult to reach a common view mainly comes from the different position and scene of the industry. Why does everyone say that blockchain is a value Internet? Because in the world of blockchain, the subjects involved in production collaboration are not limited to "people". Assuming that social networks, such as Facebook or wechat, can be extended to the world, and 7billion people around the world use them, this is the limit of the network effect that the existing Internet can achieve. But for the network built by blockchain, it has the opportunity to exceed the limitation of 7billion. Because in the world of blockchain, an intelligent hardware or even a piece of code, that is, what we call a smart contract, has the opportunity to become an independent subject in economic activities and participate in the whole economic activities.
        In the future, the convenience of blockchain based cooperation of economic activities can be further expanded, from human cooperation to human and material cooperation, even material and material cooperation, code and code cooperation. In this way, the network effect it can produce will greatly exceed the effect of the Internet that we are very familiar with and recognize today. At the same time, because of the blockchain based technology, its transaction cost has the opportunity to decline by an order of magnitude compared with the existing manual collaboration. Now we have clearly realized that blockchain has led us into the value Internet. The characteristics of blockchain era and Internet era are different. In the past, we talked about the Internet era relying on technology, big data, and users.
        These three can be said to be the umbrella of the Internet era. However, in the era of blockchain, these three cannot be used as protective umbrellas. If the blockchain project is a public chain, the code is basically open source, so it does not involve technology, and it is difficult for data and users to become an umbrella. Although the market is still in its early stage, there is a lack of market supervision. Many people focus on pursuing the rise of their own tokens, and do not really do projects to create value! Such short-term speculation is impossible to create value. At present, the quality of projects in the market, the value of tokens, the lack of sustainable token reward mechanism, premature overdraft of industry dividends and so on are all problems in the practical application of blockchain.
        If there is a problem, it means that blockchain will create greater value for users! While solving the problem, we can continue to tap its greater value! This new economic operation standard and form will slowly form a new model! In the future, a new collaboration mode in the blockchain era will gradually be formed!.
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