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Blockchain information 20211112 | the accelerated implementation of block chain applications in the whole region of Yibao

Time : 27/10/2021 Author : h7le95 Click : + -
        On November 9, the state Internet Information Office announced the names and filing numbers of the Sixth Batch of domestic blockchain information services. A total of 202 names and filing numbers were announced this time. It is understood that since the formal implementation of the regulations on the administration of blockchain information services, up to now, 1440 domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers have been published. On November 5, the central network security and Information Technology Commission recently issued the "action plan for improving digital literacy and skills of the whole people", making arrangements for improving digital literacy and skills of the whole people. The outline proposes to guide and support emerging professional groups to actively use 5g, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, big data, blockchain and other digital technology innovation and entrepreneurship.
        The supreme law held a press conference and issued the judicial report of the people's Court on serving and ensuring the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and typical cases. Chen Chang, vice president of the Shanghai high court, said that the Shanghai court explored the application of "blockchain" and other technologies, strengthened the in-depth application of electronic data in judicial trials, actively promoted the construction of a full process online case handling system for financial cases, further improved the quality and efficiency of trials, and was widely recognized by the society. On November 11, at the 2021 real estate digitalization summit held by E-House Kerui, Shan Zhiguang, director of the informatization and Industrial Development Department of the national information center of the national development and Reform Commission, said in the keynote speech on the new situation of digitalization development and intelligent upgrading during the 14th five year plan, "blockchain +" brings a credible drive, which is the most dependent path and technical route for the future digital transformation of real estate, Blockchain has a great future in the future real estate field.
        On November 10, the people's Daily published an article entitled "global sharing of data with higher observation efficiency", which pointed out that China has successfully launched a wide-range geoscience satellite with a long March 6 carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. In the future, Guangmu satellite will acquire massive data and make greater contributions to sustainable development by combining big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies. The closed door Seminar on blockchain enabling Rural Revitalization was recently held at the Institute of Internet industry, Tsinghua University. After discussion, more than 40 experts, scholars and entrepreneur representatives from the government, universities and other related industries believe that blockchain will be more deeply applied to Rural Revitalization in the future. At present, the industrial blockchain research center of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University has carried out a variety of attempts and research in genuine medicinal materials, planting industry and other industries to help agricultural assets on the chain.
        On November 6, at the signing activity of the central enterprise trading group of the fourth China Import and export Expo, China Construction Bank signed a joint venture agreement with nine institutions including Sinochem energy, Bank of China and Wanxiang blockchain to establish a joint venture (bulk easy), and build a digital service platform for bulk commodity international trade based on blockchain technology. It provides a digital platform for upstream and downstream industrial chain customers in the energy, chemical, metal and other bulk commodity industries to help industrial customers expand and innovate their businesses. On November 5, people's Daily published an article titled "creating a good digital ecosystem" signed by Zhuang rongwen, deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department, director of the office of the central network security and Information Technology Commission and director of the state Internet Information Office, which pointed out to improve the ability of network security protection.
        Prevent and deal with the security risks of new applications of digital technologies, closely track the development trends, and improve the security protection capabilities of blockchain, industrial Internet, Internet of vehicles and so on. Recently, the first "blockchain" notary office in Shandong Province — Recently, the blue ocean notary office in Yantai, Shandong Province was officially inaugurated and incorporated into the Yantai area of the pilot Free Trade Zone in Shandong Province. It continues to deepen the application of blockchain technology in the field of notarization, and has become another practice to replicate and promote the pilot experience of the reform of the state Council and create a legal business environment in the pilot free trade zone. Recently, the Nanjing Information Center launched the construction of the government cloud blockchain platform and conducted an online public bidding for the Nanjing government cloud blockchain service platform project.
        It is reported that the project has three construction goals. The first is to build standards and specifications related to Nanjing government cloud blockchain services. The second is to build a Nanjing government affairs cloud blockchain service platform to provide one-stop blockchain services. Third, complete the docking of the new platform with the built trusted account application and license chain application. Recently, the "smooth travel project — — the launching ceremony of Shenzhen port's first foreign trade blockchain electronic delivery platform" with the theme of "digital empowerment, smart shipping" was held in Yantian international container terminal building. The relevant person in charge of Youhe group, who took the lead in using the platform, said: "as a foreign trade import and export enterprise, port blockchain technology has built a network and value interconnection system with multi-party participation, joint supervision and joint operation. Youhe group will benefit from the application of blockchain technology.
        ”。 18 departments and units including the office of cyberspace and the State Council jointly issued a document to organize and carry out the pilot action of innovative application of national blockchain. It is clear that by the end of 2023, a number of typical cases and practice experience of innovative application of blockchain that can be copied and promoted will be formed to help the construction of Digital China.
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