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The first batch of 11 villages joined! Blockchain "digital villagers" Collection Online

Time : 30/06/2022 Author : auo6sw Click : + -
        Recently, 11 village committees in Henan, Hebei and Hubei provinces have settled in the "digital villagers" project, launching the "digital villagers' art card" on the chain to promote local rural characteristics and scenery. At present, these digital collections are being auctioned at Alibaba auction. Users can search "digital villagers" in the mobile Taobao app to get to the auction directly with one click. It is understood that the "digital villagers" project was jointly launched by Alibaba auction digital auction business and many institutions. After the village committee settled in the "digital villagers" project, the project team invited artists to the village to create in the form of oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings or cartoons according to the regional characteristics and cultural customs of the village, and then chain, deposit and confirm rights on the blockchain platform to generate digital art works on the chain, Finally, it is promoted and auctioned on Alibaba auction platform.
        For example, Xuchang village, Lankao County, Henan Province, is a famous hometown of national musical instruments. It produces 70000 national musical instruments such as zither, guqin and Pipa every year. At present, almost every household in the village produces national musical instruments. When making art cards, artists use national style elements such as zither, music and dance, flying fairy and white crane to highlight the characteristics of Xuchang village. Yuanqu village in Shexian County, Hebei Province, has been rated as the top ten most beautiful ancient villages and towns in Hebei Province. Up to now, there are many well preserved ancient buildings of Han, Tang, Ming and Qing Dynasties, including ancient temples, ancient coupon pavilions, ancient houses, etc. When creating, the artist not only depicts the modern new countryside, but also combines the geographical characteristics of Yuanqu village near mountains and rivers, as well as ancient buildings, ancient temples and other elements to reflect the characteristics of Yuanqu village.
        These digital artworks are created by well-known artists after the signing and authorization of the local village committee. Each art card is limited to 2022 pieces nationwide. Each art card corresponds to a unique hash password, which cannot be tampered with, and will never be reissued. It has scarcity and collection value of 99 yuan each. At present, these digital collections have attracted tens of thousands of onlookers. It is understood that there are 11 village committees in the first batch of "digital villagers" projects in China, including 8 in Lankao County, Henan Province and 1 in Kaifeng City; One in Hebei and one in Hubei. In addition, more than 30 village committees in 17 provinces, including Zhejiang and Guizhou, have signed contracts, and villages are to be signed and settled after the launch.
        According to the relevant person in charge of the "digital villagers" project, the project is the first attempt to integrate blockchain technology into grassroots villages, combine it with the rural collective economy, and use the audience and technical advantages of Alibaba auction platform to promote rural characteristics throughout the country. Through the development of digital cultural and Tourism products, it will help the construction of digital villages, attract more people to rural tourism, investment and home ownership, and improve villagers' income.
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