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Groupon prospectus, Gaopeng worth $500million

Time : 26/06/2022 Author : rx3tim Click : + -
        Tencent technology news (Wuji) on October 24, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Groupon, the largest group buying website in the United States, submitted a document to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last Friday, indicating that the valuation of Gaopeng may reach $500million. According to the prospectus, Gaopeng operates a group buying website, which provides discounts on products and services to individual consumers and enterprises through multiple websites and social and interactive media. Gaopeng began to provide group purchase in Beijing and Shanghai in March 2011, and then expanded its business to other major cities in China. According to the e-commerce shareholders' agreement reached by all parties, the board of directors of e-commerce includes Groupon, B.V.
        One director appointed, one director appointed by rocketasia, and two directors appointed by Tencent. In addition, all shareholders have the right to sell shares together and the right of first refusal. Daily headlines, industry information, hot news, gossip, and follow-up Weibo broadcasts throughout the day. All kinds of revelations, inside stories, lace, and information are swept away. Millions of internet fans interact and participate. Techweb's official Weibo is looking forward to your attention.
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