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Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges strictly control the speculation of blockchain concept

Time : 05/04/2022 Author : nbv2si Click : + -
        Beijing business daily (reporter cuiqibin, liufengru) since 2018, blockchain has set off a wave of speculation in the domestic capital market, and blockchain concept stocks have also experienced speculation, which has also attracted the attention of regulators. In order to strengthen the supervision of blockchain concept stock speculation, on the evening of January 16, the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges both stated that they would strictly control blockchain concept speculation. On the evening of January 16, the Shanghai Stock Exchange said that the blockchain concept was hotly speculated in the market, and the share prices of related companies rose continuously, involving 10 companies such as Shanghai easy to see shares, and individual stocks have appeared speculation risk. The relevant regulatory departments of Shanghai Stock Exchange attached great importance to this and organized analysis and judgment at the first time.
        According to the overall judgment of Shanghai Stock Exchange, blockchain technology is still in the development stage, it is difficult to form a stable business, and the signs of concept hype are obvious. In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has taken classified regulatory measures such as suspension inquiry, suspension cooling, clarification and explanation for relevant concept stocks. Relevant departments of the Shanghai Stock Exchange said that they would continue to pay close attention to the stock price trend and do a good job in continuous supervision. Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced on the evening of January 16 that some listed companies have recently released information related to the concept of blockchain through announcements and interactions, and the stock prices of some companies have increased significantly. Taking Aikang technology as an example, the company announced at noon on January 11 that according to the company's strategic development plan and business needs, in order to carry out the research on the energy Internet market trading mechanism based on blockchain energy technology, promote the company to take the lead in the blockchain energy field, form a demonstration base of blockchain energy technology and trading mechanism, and promote the early and comprehensive implementation of blockchain plus energy, Jiangsu Aikang Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, established a branch in Shanghai, which has recently completed the industrial and commercial registration procedures.
        Affected by the news, the stock price of Aikang technology "stopped" in the afternoon of January 11. Easy to see shares, which are also blockchain concept stocks, have also attracted attention in the secondary market recently. The trading market shows that in the past five trading days, easy to see shares have achieved five daily limits, with a cumulative increase of 61.02% in the range. Coincidentally, blockchain concept stocks such as Hengyin finance, xuanya international and Kelan software also rose strongly recently. For example, Hengyin finance increased by 23.8% in the past four trading days, and xuanya international increased by 46.42% in the past four trading days. The blockchain hype has also attracted the attention of regulators, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges have also increased their inquiry efforts.
        Among them, Shenzhen Stock Exchange timely took regulatory measures such as inquiry, attention and suspension verification for 17 companies, requiring relevant companies to verify and clarify the investment, business and profit model, specific progress, revenue realization and its impact on the company's performance related to blockchain, and fully remind risks. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange stressed that it will continue to pay close attention to the information disclosure and secondary market transactions of relevant companies, and will take disciplinary measures in time for violations of the blockchain concept to hype and mislead investors. Those suspected of violating the law will be reported to the CSRC for investigation and punishment. After the public statement of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, a number of listed companies also made a rapid response on the evening of January 16, clarifying the relevant rumors one after another.
        On the evening of January 16, Hengyin financial announced that as of the disclosure date of the announcement, blockchain related technologies had not formed any related products or applications or sales in the company, and there was no direct business income generated by the application of blockchain technology R & D achievements in the company's business income. At the same time, the company has not carried out substantive research and development activities on blockchain related technologies, which is also the second clarification announcement recently issued by Hengyin finance. In addition, in the evening of the same day, xuanya international and Kelan software also issued relevant announcements.
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