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The third China blockchain development competition was launched

Time : 31/08/2021 Author : ahm14i Click : + -
        Blockchain based container order management system, blockchain based supply chain financial platform, blockchain based mutual insurance application &hellip& hellip; As a disruptive technology, blockchain technology has begun to land rapidly in more and more fields. At present, the third China blockchain development competition has been officially launched, and the public solicitation of entries has officially begun. The competition was hosted by China Institute of electronic technology standardization and the people's Government of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, and hosted by Qianjiang Century City Management Committee, China blockchain technology and Industry Development Forum, Hangzhou Daily newspaper group (Chinese Media Holdings) and blockchain Technology Application Industry Alliance (order of the Phoenix).
        In the previous two blockchain development competitions, the entries were wonderful, involving supply chain management, distributed energy, logistics, food traceability, sharing economy, copyright protection, medical archives, art, cars, sports &hellip& hellip; The project of "brain opening" and "grounding" overwhelmed the judges and audience. The theme of this competition is to "lead by standards" and "innovate in applications" so that more practical blockchain application solutions can stand out. The entries must be original works, and the adopted technical architecture can at least map to the core layer, service layer and application layer in the functional view specified in the blockchain reference architecture.
        The form of competition should be in the form of teams, one of which is the leader; Each unit allows up to 3 teams to participate. After submitting the registration materials online, the qualified teams can obtain the on-site qualification. The team that has obtained the on-site qualification needs to sign the relevant intellectual property agreement with the Forum Secretariat (China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization), and the contents of the agreement will be published by the Forum Secretariat separately. In addition, participating projects with the open source community project of distributed application Ledger as the development platform can get extra points. It should be noted that the participating teams and works must not violate the announcement on preventing the financing risks of token issuance issued by seven ministries and commissions including the people's Bank of China before and after the competition.
        Participating teams can register online, and the project registration will end on June 19. Before June 25, the technical committee of the forum conducted a primary election for the participating teams. On June 28, the Secretariat of the forum publicized the list of participating teams through the competition website and official account. The teams that have passed the primary selection will compete for the awards through on-site development, on-site roadshows and selection. This competition will set up one first prize, one second prize and one third prize in the comprehensive category. In addition, application awards are set according to the six fields proposed in the white paper on China's blockchain technology and application development (2016 Edition), including financial services, supply chain management, public welfare culture, social entertainment, education and employment, and intelligent manufacturing.
        The winning team will receive corresponding bonuses. (excerpted by jiaxiaoyun, editor of this website).
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