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be vigilant! Blockchain concept is hot, and "hitchhiking" chasing "chain" fraud cases are increasing

Time : 20/07/2021 Author : 7hk18j Click : + -
        Recently, the concept of blockchain is very popular, but because of its strong professionalism, many people can't speak clearly and understand it. With the upsurge of chasing the chain, there are also various phenomena of fraud under the concept of blockchain. Experts said that blockchain is a new way of data management based on cryptography. The emergence of blockchain was indeed accompanied by bitcoin and speculation, but bitcoin is only an application of blockchain technology. Nowadays, some enterprises organize virtual currency transactions in China in the name of blockchain innovation. They will issue virtual currencies in the form of XX and XX currencies and even issue white papers to raise funds to invest in virtual currency assets such as bitcoin and Ethereum on the grounds of the landing of blockchain application scenarios.
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