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When Liu Qiang visited Shandong blockchain Research Institute, he stressed: strengthen innovative applications and make greater contributions to high-quality development

Time : 05/12/2021 Author : 2h4xmj Click : + -
        On August 2 (reporter Wang duanpeng, Lin Jiangli) this afternoon, Liu Qiang, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, visited Shandong blockchain Research Institute for research. Li Shucai, President of Shandong University, attended the event. At the subsequent symposium, Wang Xiaoyun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yang Zhenning of the Academy of higher studies of Tsinghua University, and President of Shandong blockchain Research Institute, introduced the relevant situation of blockchain construction, and relevant personnel exchanged speeches. Liu Qiang congratulated Shandong blockchain Research Institute on its achievements in the past two years. He pointed out that under the leadership of Academician Wang Xiaoyun, the research institute made every effort to overcome key technologies and research and develop core achievements, and achieved remarkable results.
        In recent years, Jinan has formed a good advantage and foundation by coordinating development and security, and constantly promoting the construction of digital society, digital economy, digital government and other fields. The construction of "digital Jinan" is inseparable from the R & D and application of blockchain technology. As a high-level innovation platform led by academicians, Shandong blockchain research institute undertakes extremely critical tasks and plays an irreplaceable role. It is hoped that the Academy will continue to tackle scientific problems and key technologies, continuously cultivate and pool high-level talent teams, and actively promote the transformation and implementation of high-tech achievements. Jinan will, as always, attach importance to and support the development of the Institute, make every effort to provide services and guarantees, strive to create a good development environment, and help achieve more innovative results.
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