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Connect to create value, digital smart lead the future

Time : 21/01/2022 Author : xbi16o Click : + -
        On July 30, the "2022 Taier Yingfu strategic conference" was successfully held in Shunyi District, Beijing. The conference was guided by the Shunyi District People's Government of Beijing and the China Academy of information and communications, and hosted by Beijing Taier Yingfu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Taier Yingfu"). With the theme of "connect · create value connect· makevalue", the conference focused on industrial Internet, blockchain and other fields, Launch new upgraded technology products and application scenarios that meet the new needs of industrial digitalization. At present, the digital economy is becoming a key force in restructuring global factor resources, reshaping the global economic structure, and changing the global competition pattern. With the new infrastructure, the new vitality of the digital economy continues to be released, helping industrial promotion and ecological construction.
        At this conference, guests from all walks of life went to the ideological feast to discuss the new space for the development of digital economy, discuss the new trend of digital transformation, and jointly explore new opportunities for cooperation. In recent years, the development momentum of China's digital economy has been strong. The construction of new infrastructure represented by industrial Internet, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5g and data center has been developing continuously. The construction of new infrastructure has become a key element of China's high-quality economic development, As Yu Xiaohui, President of the China Academy of information and communications, said in his message to the conference, "digital infrastructure is the cornerstone of the digital economy and the information ‘ artery ’ supporting economic and social development.";.
        The industrial Internet identity resolution system and the "spark · chain network" blockchain infrastructure are important components of digital infrastructure and innovative exploration based on China's industrial development needs and international development trends. ". In recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and other departments have successively released favorable policy signals, continuously accelerated the construction of new infrastructure, and continued to strengthen the construction of 5g network and gigabit optical fiber network. Xuxiaojun, member of the Standing Committee of Shunyi District Party committee, member of the Party group of Shunyi district government and deputy head of Shunyi District, said, "Shunyi district seizes the development opportunity to build new national infrastructure such as the national top node of industrial Internet identity analysis (Beijing) and the super node of" spark · chain network "(Beijing), and promote the application of identity and blockchain in aerospace, intelligent equipment Urban industry and other industries have integrated application and large-scale development, cultivated and introduced leading enterprises in the field of digital infrastructure such as Tel Yingfu, and the scale of industrial Internet industry has reached 23billion yuan, accelerated the high-quality economic development of Shunyi District, and built an innovative high and Demonstration Center for the development of China's industrial Internet.
        ”。 In order to continuously deepen innovation and promote the further development of digital infrastructure, Telford integrates identification and blockchain technology to create a more powerful new digital infrastructure service, providing technical support and solutions for the efficient development of "spark" industrial Internet identification analysis system and "spark · chain" blockchain infrastructure. The digital infrastructure version 2.0 released by Tel Infineon at this conference, by building a digital base integrating "identity + blockchain + data platform", launched a number of derivative products and applications, including identity resolution secondary node system idpointer, identity resolution middleware idhub, identity monitoring system idmonitor, and blockchain technology service system of chain network integration, cloud chain integration and cross chain integration, Promote the transformation of the Internet from "information" to "value".
        The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform have accelerated the evolution, leading to the transformation of business forms and the reconstruction of industrial structure in various fields and industries. The construction of new infrastructure has become an important driving force in the process of industrial digitalization. Zhuchunxia, a member of the Party group, discipline inspection team leader and secondary inspector of Beijing Communications Administration, said that the identification analysis system and the "spark · chain network" blockchain system are important new infrastructure to support the digital economy, and have developed into a new model for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. Together, the two will realize the seamless flow and interaction of data in the whole factor, whole industry chain and whole value chain, so as to promote the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading and high-quality development of the real economy.
        By giving full play to the great potential of "digital" as a new factor of production, digital infrastructure can effectively transform and empower traditional infrastructure, promote the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and provide key support and innovation momentum for the digital transformation of economic society. Wei Ran, chief engineer of China Academy of information and communications, said that during the "14th five year plan" period, China Academy of information and communications will strengthen its support for the construction of new infrastructure, promote the integration and development of new technologies, and create a new base for digital development. With the further development of industrial digitalization, some problems have also been exposed in digital infrastructure services, such as the application and promotion of industrial Internet identification analysis system is still in the stage of commercialization exploration, the effective application of identification needs to be improved, the foundation of industrial digitalization is weak, and data sharing and data security are facing challenges. The solution of these problems requires the further development of digital infrastructure services.
        Jin Jian, director of the Institute of industrial Internet and Internet of things of the Chinese Academy of communications and chairman of Beijing Taier Yingfu Technology Co., Ltd., said that identification (ID) is the basic resource, facility and service to realize interoperability. Identification system is the most basic system in digital space. With the development of digital space, identification system will become more and more important. Web3 built on the support of the new identification technology system is a trusted cyberspace, which will support more life and production activities into the digital space, thus driving the digital economy into a new stage. Among them, the distributed identification system (did) will bring revolutionary changes to the Internet, "spark · chain" will fully support the latest did standards and gradually promote the development of Web3 in China, Better serve the utilization of data elements and the development of digital economy.
        ”。 At this conference, Tel Yingfu released the first digital account system based on blockchain infrastructure "spark · chain network" &mdash& mdash; Like account, by creating a digital identity system, users can manage their identity and have data autonomy, and create a data sharing and exchange network, which provides technical support for data ownership, privacy protection, sharing and exchange and value circulation. Technological progress and change is the core driving force to promote the development of digital economy, and all this is inseparable from the forward-looking thinking and communication of participants from all walks of life. At this conference, important guests from ICT, automobile, culture, food and other industries focused on the application and evolution of digital technology in the fields of digital transformation of traditional industries, intelligent Internet connected vehicles, digital collections and so on, shared insights, led the new trend of value Internet development in an open and symbiotic system, and helped the vigorous development of the digital industry.
        The "global developer co creation ecological plan" was officially launched at the conference site, and more enterprises, institutions and experts will participate in the ecological construction of the digital economy in the future. Compared with traditional infrastructure, new infrastructure needs to grasp new needs and create new mechanisms, so that it can be truly transformed into a new driving force to promote the development of digital economy. The new infrastructure should be guided by the government and invested by all sectors of the society. In the next step, tyrif will continue to adhere to the development vision of "building a smart world with interconnected things", continue to increase investment in new infrastructure such as industrial Internet and blockchain, and create a solid digital base; At the same time, we should make efforts to tackle the difficulties and pain points of industrial development, and carry out forward-looking research and large-scale application exploration; It will also increase support for ecological partners and build a win-win ecosystem with multi-party participation.
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