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Why is blockchain the core of the development of the meta universe?

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : r4i5ak Click : + -
        Metauniverse is a fusion of various technologies. In the eyes of many people, metauniverse is a highly immersive digital space, and virtual reality technology is the core technology in metauniverse. However, in fact, although virtual reality is very important for metauniverse. At present, many enterprises also take ar/vr as a breakthrough when entering metauniverse, it is blockchain technology that really supports metauniverse. Relying on various mechanisms and algorithms of blockchain, metauniverse has built a decentralized underlying framework, and many technologies such as ar/vr, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and so on are filled into this framework to enrich the content of metauniverse.
        Metauniverse attracts a large number of Internet users with the high integration of virtual and reality, which makes metauniverse have higher requirements for digital identity. At present, the digital identity system in the Internet can not meet the needs of the meta universe, whether it is separated from each other or not controlled by users themselves. Blockchain provides an independent digital identity to solve the problem. Decentralized network enables users to control their own data, which means that users' digital identity in the meta universe is completely controlled by themselves. This independence allows users to have a higher degree of autonomy, allowing users to browse the contents of the meta universe freely as in the real world.
        On the other hand, blockchain can also realize the universal use of digital identity, which can be bound with our personal information to generate an "ID card" in the metauniverse, through which you can log in with one click in different platforms. Data has been listed as one of the production factors. It can be said that our data is a part of our personal assets. Blockchain can use digital signature, data encryption and other mechanisms to determine the ownership of data, so that we can truly grasp these digital assets. In addition, in essence, blockchain is a distributed ledger, which has powerful data recording functions and secure data protection capabilities.
        This enables users' data to be better preserved on the Internet. The distributed characteristics of blockchain enable each node to have the function of supervision and management, and use the consensus mechanism to make decisions on the whole system. In addition, although the decentralization of blockchain makes the traditional scheme of relying on the centralized mode of authoritative regulators no longer applicable, authoritative institutions can also participate as a part of blockchain nodes. The characteristics of blockchain, such as data collaboration and information sharing, have also improved the regulatory efficiency of these regulators. Return to Sohu to see more.
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