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Baifu Alliance: on the importance of blockchain technology to promote the development of digital economy

Time : 16/07/2021 Author : 29fju8 Click : + -
        At present, blockchain, together with 5g, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies, is increasingly integrated into the whole process of economic and social development in all fields, and has gradually become an important support for the development of China's digital economy. From June 28 to 29, 22, the Digital Innovation Strategy Summit held by Baifu alliance was successfully held in China! It is reported that the number of participants in this conference is more than 1000. The whole venue is equipped with a sense of future metauniverse technology. The venue also has a sign in area, VR area, and a gathering of big coffee, which is an unprecedented event. This summit will run through the upstream and downstream of the digital industry chain, combine resource advantages, break through resource barriers, and gather a number of experts and scholars in the blockchain field, technology gurus, opinion leaders, etc. across the country to jointly feel the future development trend of the industry with the attitude of thinking about the world.
        City chain technology will focus on publishing digital innovation strategies to promote blockchain technology to better lead the development of the digital economy era, empower entities in the wave of the development of the era, touch the future, and start a fire of new trends in industry development!. As a key element of the digital economy, blockchain technology is an important part of the new generation of information technology. It is a new type of database software integrated with distributed networks, encryption technology, smart contracts and other technologies. It is expected to solve the trust and security problems in cyberspace through data transparency, non tampering and traceability. For enterprises, blockchain technology is not only the fresh blood required by modern enterprises, but also the life of enterprises. It can be said that the combination of blockchain technology and traditional industries is creating a new future and infinite possibilities.
        Facing the tide of digital economy, Baifu alliance unswervingly implements the digitalization strategy in the Asia Pacific region, absorbs the latest scientific research achievements, and relies on the underlying technology of blockchain to establish business systems such as product traceability, equity chain reform, product supply, product services, asset trading, etc. Baifu alliance will open a new digitalization innovation strategy in China at this summit, and comprehensively layout the product architecture and technology system, Create a new era of Internet sharing in China's blockchain, empower real enterprises, drive consumers to stimulate domestic demand, inject vitality into the development of new consumption, and promote the integration of digital economy and real economy. The huge impetus generated by digital innovation has enabled many industries to realize transformation and transformation.
        Baifu alliance has been deeply engaged in the industry for many years, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, and is committed to combining innovative technologies with solutions and user needs. It has been loved by people all over the world. Its members continue to increase, and its daily activity is high. It has been widely recognized and well received by the global market. With the continuous expansion of Baifu alliance's Chinese market, Baifu alliance will rely on its strong connectivity, convergence and deduction capabilities in the digital world to empower each other with its members and partners in China, and continue to innovate in the field of Internet economy, give full play to its all-round leading ability, develop new formats and new models, create an Internet ecosystem that will never end, and drive the digital transformation of the industrial chain with consumption upgrading, Boost the high-quality development of the Internet economy.
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