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Blockchain skills,Lanzhou held a seminar on blockchain technology and Application

Time : 04/11/2021 Author : y5mkps Click : + -
        On May 14, the Lanzhou urban block chain technology and application seminar was held. The symposium focused on the three perspectives of blockchain, industry, government applications, business applications, and the BSN blockchain service network led by the National Information Center. The event was hosted by Lanzhou big data administration and the blockchain service network development alliance of the National Information Center, and undertaken by Lanzhou Branch of Gansu Mobile. This seminar mainly focused on the business training and discussion of the commissions, offices and data information enterprises. Constantly improving the ability and awareness of information workers in various fields to use blockchain technology has a lot of positive significance for blockchain policy innovation, norm formulation and technology sinking.
        At the meeting, many experts introduced the development of blockchain technology and blockchain service network, and deeply expounded the unique advantages of blockchain as an information infrastructure in promoting government data sharing, promoting the transparency of social governance service process, and improving the credibility and security of government social governance data. Experts introduced the application and development ideas of "blockchain + government" technology in detail based on the current situation of government affairs application in Lanzhou. It also puts forward the joint efforts of all enterprises on how to grasp the important opportunities of the development of the new generation of information technology and promote the healthy development of the city's data and information industry. Participants said that Lanzhou should give full play to its advantages in blockchain in the whole province, deeply explore the high-quality landing scenarios and applications in blockchain + respective fields, find a suitable entry point for blockchain + work, and strive to further promote the high-quality development of blockchain + government work and data information industry in the city.
        Promote the intelligent management and control system. More than 500 "online rental housing" in Lanzhou have been included in the people's network for public security management. Lanzhou, August 9 (Gao Xiang) - in recent years, there have been an increasing number of new rental housing models "online rental housing" that provide housing sources online and sign transactions online. According to the statistics of Lanzhou public security department, at present, there are more than 500 "online rental houses" registered in Lanzhou … [details]. Lanzhou, August 10 (Wei Yi) - in the afternoon of August 9, the nine episode documentary "red Gannan" held its premiere in Lanzhou. The film was produced by the Publicity Department of Gannan Prefecture Party committee, and it took more than four months to shoot and produce.
        "Gannan is a beautiful land … [details]. Lanzhou New Area issued the first" certificate of Chinese tax resident identity "to help enterprises" go global "people's daily, Lanzhou, August 9 (Gaoxiang) - a few days ago, Lanzhou New Area Tax Bureau issued the" certificate of Chinese tax resident identity "for Lanzhou Dahong Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., which invested and developed in Kazakhstan. It is reported that this is the first &hellip issued by Lanzhou New Area; [details]. Lanzhou New Area Agricultural Investment Group's 12 flower works "bloom" flower expo people's daily, Lanzhou, August 10 (Gao Xiang) - at the recently concluded 10th China Flower Expo, the agricultural science company of Lanzhou New Area Agricultural Investment Group won 12 exhibition works awards, including 5 silver awards, 6 bronze awards and 1 Excellence Award.
        … [details]. Lanzhou, August 9 (Wei Yi) - according to the Gansu Provincial Education Examination Institute, the enrollment of colleges and universities in Gansu Province has been completed since July 5. At the undergraduate level, a total of 119513 candidates have been admitted at the undergraduate level; [details].
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