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Foreign blockchain Finance,The situation in the currency circle is becoming more and more complex, and retail investors are becoming more and more difficult

Time : 25/03/2022 Author : pxvtnz Click : + -
        Many people may have stopped living in the Russian Ukrainian war, but in fact, the Russian Ukrainian war has entered its sixth month since February 24 this year. First, put the hat of aggression on Russia, and then let the European Union jointly block Russia. Then, create public opinion in the international community, and kick Russia out of the swift settlement system. At the same time, they and the European Union implement military assistance to Ukraine. But the great emperor is not easy to mess with. He said that the United States and I are far away from each other. The European Union, who are eating my natural gas, dare to get so angry, which must cut off your gas. On the other hand, in terms of monetary policy, the Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates and use the tide of the US dollar to harvest the world. Sri Lanka also went bankrupt because it couldn't stand it.
        Because the interest rate in Europe was negative before, now the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, and a large number of capital sell off the euro to exchange for the dollar, which also led to the rapid depreciation of the euro. Some time ago, it even reached the 1:1 dollar exchange rate, hitting a new low in 20 years. The logic of the yen is basically the same. Europe is subject to Russia in terms of energy. Even some countries don't care about carbon emissions and don't call for environmental protection. They directly open coal-fired power plants to supply power. The currency is subject to the dollar, because the Fed's interest rate hike led to the depreciation of the euro. In order to prevent this situation from worsening, the European Central Bank also had to start raising interest rates. From the perspective of the government, the local financial debt ratio remains high. Now civil servants and teachers in many places have been reduced first, which is still not paid.
        In the west, there are first steps with an altitude of more than 4000 meters, second steps with an altitude of 1000-2000 meters, and third steps with an altitude of less than 500 meters. It can be said that only fiveorsix regions in China have fiscal balances, while other regions are all in debt, and some regions have high debt, so they can only rely on fiscal transfer payments for relief. This is from the perspective of local finance. Although the motherland is strong, it is still difficult. This is why although we are the second largest economy in the world, we are still a developing country. There are 1.4 billion people in China, including minors and the elderly, who do not have labor force. This part of the population is 20%, that is, 280million people.
        And the fatal thing is that our country is continuously aging, and it is expected that this proportion will exceed 30% by 2050. Isn't there a news that the number of fresh graduates is 10.76 million this year? Then multiply this number by 4, which is probably the number of college students in the country. Let's calculate here that in this country with the largest population in the world, there are 400million minors, about 40million college students and 280million elderly, a total of 720million people. Among the remaining 700million people, there are men and women. We assume that the proportion of men and women is half and half, that is, 350million men and 350million women. Having said so much and calculated so many data, it is actually a sentence: China's basic market is still very fragile, and our pressure is really great.
        After talking about the basic situation from international to domestic, in fact, everyone is also very clear about their own affairs. Let's take a look at some specific and intuitive situations in the industry. Since the moment bitcoin was born, it has naturally been unpopular with sovereign countries, especially strong sovereign countries. For so many years, our country has been a non supportive and strong regulatory attitude, and the means and measures have been gradually upgraded. Then there was 519 last year, which made the mining industry have no living soil in the mainland. The once holy land of miners had to go to the ocean to find new mines. Then came last year's 924 document, which directly characterized digital currency transactions as invalid civil acts and was not protected by law. This document directly deterred many investors.
        Therefore, in the four links of currency, mining, trading and exchange, we can say that we have achieved a precise attack, and even formed a consensus in the industry: if you want to do a project, your body must go to sea. This has led to a situation: those who can really do things and want to do things have gone abroad, and none of the project parties who stay at home is garbage. The reason is very simple:. However, in this environment, the policy not only failed to remove the tumor, but also made the tumor become larger and more rampant:. Since you say it can't be done at home, I'll do it overseas? Isn't what the Chinese are best at cheating the Chinese? As long as I have the courage to go to sea to cheat, what can you do to me?.
        In foreign countries, various ecological projects emerge in endlessly, and with the promotion of capital, the ecosystem and industrial pattern have initially formed, while in China, it is a desert. 1. Due to the unstable international political situation, inflation, the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, the global economic recession and other factors, the US dollar is the best safe haven asset at present, and the digital money market will face liquidity pressure. 2. The domestic situation is very difficult, and everyone is also overcoming the difficulties. Therefore, even if people want to invest in this area, they are also limited by the pressure of their pockets. 3. Good projects are not in China, and there are no good projects in China. At present, domestic projects still exist in the way of cheating + cutting, and there is no new breakthrough in technology &mdash& mdash; Even DCEP.
        In the long run, even after the economic recovery, we still have no dominant power in the blockchain track, and we still want to hold the feet of foreigners, or even be their leeks. After all, in the ecological chain, most of us can only participate as investors. It is impossible to dominate and build. We can only make high-risk investments in projects, and then face uncertain results. Maybe now for everyone, the more important thing is not how to invest and make money, but how to make your husband live. When your pocket is empty, you still want to get rich. What's the difference between you and the little match girl?. In the encryption industry, if you want to seize the next bull market opportunity, you have to have a high-quality circle, so that everyone can stay together and maintain insight.
        If you are alone, looking around at a loss and finding that there is no one, it is actually very difficult to persist in this industry.
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