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Blockchain + game: a blockchain cat actually sells 770000 yuan. What is the conspiracy behind the virtual pet?

Time : 14/03/2022 Author : 3k6lpa Click : + -
        When it comes to games, if you can only think of games such as glory of the king and survival of the Jedi, you may just be a person who keeps up with the trend of the times. Overnight, blockchain games with fire began to spread from the currency circle, starting with the first blockchain game cryptokitties, and later Xiaomi launched its own encrypted rabbit, leitzer dog launched by Baidu, and "planet" launched by Netease, By the end of February 2018, more than 150 similar products had been launched. Is "blockchain + game" a new bathing place for foam, or a new wave to subvert the future? What is the abacus behind virtual pets?.
        A true story, someone bought a cat on the Internet, and the price was 770000 yuan. Yes, you read it correctly, 770000 yuan. The point is that you can't touch it, so you can only look across the screen. At the end of November 2017, cryptokitties, the world's first blockchain game, was popular all over the world. Cryptokitties is a blockchain game based on the Ethereum blockchain platform jointly developed by axiomzen and Ethereum intelligence, which uses eth to purchase, breed and breed. In essence, this is just an electronic pet cultivation game. Players need to buy virtual cats with Ethereum transactions. These cats are actually written in different "codes", so cats are given different DNA, and their values are different.
        So we see that foreign players are crazy about smoking cats, trying to make money while playing games. So far, more than 180000 virtual cats have been sold, with a total value of more than 110million yuan. One of the most expensive cats was sold at the price of 246.95 eth, about 770000 yuan. The birth of enigmatic cat has made many game manufacturers start to follow suit. An American game company and China's blue harbor interactive have also launched a "cryptodog". This game uses achain, a blockchain underlying platform developed independently in China. The virtual currency used in the transaction is ATC currency, rather than the mainstream virtual currency.
        Recently, some netizens shared a link to Xiaomi's blockchain product "cryptorabbit" in QQ group, which is also Xiaomi's new blockchain game project. As for the definition of encrypted rabbit, Xiaomi said in the user service agreement that the digital PET based on blockchain technology, carrot, refers to the points in the game of encrypted rabbit. And its playing method is similar to enigmatic love cat. The higher the rarity, the more expensive the encrypted rabbit will be. Each encrypted rabbit has its own number. According to the securities times · The reporter of venture capital exchange learned that Netease, 360 and Baidu have begun to layout the related businesses of "blockchain + Games" one after another, and Baidu has launched the blockchain pet "Leitz dog".
        Netease launched the "planet" game. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of February 2018, more than 150 similar products had been launched. Looking at the existing "blockchain + Games" market, the biggest problem is that the homogenization is very serious, which is basically some game projects such as rush buying, collection and gambling. What these blockchain games are different from traditional games is that these blockchain games are not very entertaining, but they have a strong speculative attribute, because buying these blockchain pets changes DNA through reproduction. Once the pet's DNA becomes rarer, It means that speculators will sell at a higher price and make profits.
        "Many people think that blockchain + game makes use of new technology, which is a thing worth investing in, but in essence, it belongs to speculation. Whether it is game + blockchain or blockchain + game, these are two completely different concepts. If it is game + blockchain, it may take game attributes into account more, and add blockchain technology while ensuring the entertainment nature of the game. If it is cross chain + game, it is to develop blockchain technology The purpose of a game may be to issue money. Of course, this is also a new business model, but I think it is difficult for all the copied games to obtain a large IP after the birth of enigmatic cat, and the probability of success is very small.
        ”George, managing partner of Fuquan investment, told reporters. Spade interactive's RPG mobile game "Xuanyuan swordsman record" launched on February 5 this year also announced the introduction of blockchain technology and the introduction of "bitbeast" gameplay. According to the official introduction, the game launched 8888 mutually independent mythical beasts, each of which is unique and has extremely high attributes, and supports transactions between players. With the injection of blockchain technology, they cannot be copied and will not be lost. They are the private property of players for life. In fact, many people hold two views on the encryption asset game presented by the existing "blockchain + game" industry. Some people think that the existing encryption asset game of "blockchain + game" is hype, and there is a big foam.
        Others believe that after the continuous upgrading of existing encrypted asset games, the entire "blockchain + Games" industry will grow explosively and become the best application in the blockchain field. Of course, these two opinions are different, but there is no denying that at present, the encryption asset game presented by the "blockchain + game" industry is indeed not perfect, and it is not a perfect "blockchain + game" landing application. Because in terms of the current market, most encrypted asset games do rely on drum beating to push up asset prices and collect transaction commissions. George believes that blockchain + games, if the issued tokens can only circulate within the system, it is similar to Q coins, and the investment value is not large, but if the issued tokens can be directly linked to the mainstream virtual currency, the possibility of success will be greater.
        Whether blockchain + game has a future, a core issue is the size and positioning of users, whether it is a currency circle or a game circle. He Xi, an investor in the currency circle, believes that blockchain + game is actually a better business practice than "ICO coin issuance". Compared with "ICO coin issuance" which needs to face various legal terms, the quasi materialization of blockchain games better avoids the legal risks that may be violated in reality, increases the gameplay, and can stimulate users' "gambling". In addition, blockchain + game is also a good marketing method. Baidu "laitzu dog", Netease "planet" and Xiaomi "cryptorabbit" may be interested in its marketing value.
        For example, the same is true of laitzu dog launched by Baidu. To obtain laitzu dog, users must first use Baidu wallet and need real name authentication. Because the points are obtained by using Baidu's internal applications, it will certainly activate users' enthusiasm for using Baidu's various products. Similarly, if you have an encrypted rabbit, you can get carrots or encrypted rabbits through the task, or exchange carrots for encrypted rabbits. Through this play, you can get points, which can only circulate in the internal ecosystem of Xiaomi, which will definitely activate users to use Xiaomi's various products, so as to achieve the wide promotion of products in the Xiaomi system. Return to Sohu to see more.
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