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Blockchain development,Blockchain technology development talent selection and training

Time : 10/06/2022 Author : 4htrcx Click : + -
        With the Internet entering the ecological era, the application of blockchain technology has penetrated into many fields, such as financial services, Internet of things, supply chain management, digital asset trading, e-commerce and so on. The increasing number of capital, giants and entrepreneurs in the blockchain sector has brought a large demand for blockchain talents. According to the 2018 white paper on the status of blockchain talents in China released by blockdata, a think-tank of linktower, in conjunction with dragnet, in the first quarter of this year, the supply-demand ratio of professional blockchain technical talents was 0.15:1, which was seriously insufficient. Blockchain talents who have participated in oneortwo blockchain projects, but have not followed a complete project, are proficient in Java or go, and have good English, and their annual salary is roughly between 300000 and 600000.
        Blockchain talents who have participated in the whole life cycle of blockchain agreements from beginning to end. For blockchain talents who have relatively good control of technical points, their annual salary is quoted from the market of 1million, and they usually get the company's shares and options. In order to explore blockchain technology development talents and reduce the recruitment costs of enterprises, bluestone college, together with Zhejiang Shuqin technology, bluestone technology and many other first-class enterprises in the blockchain industry, has made great efforts to create the selection and training of blockchain technology R & D talents. For graduates or fresh graduates of computer, mathematics, software engineering and other related majors from 985 and 211 universities, for those who have 1-3 years of experience in centralized system development, famous experts in the blockchain field are invited to sit in the actual classroom, from blockchain prospect prediction, to basic theoretical analysis, and then to practical training, so as to cultivate high-level blockchain technology development talents for enterprises.
        1. Basic knowledge of blockchain; 2. Blockchain industry applications; 3. Fabric development; 4. Development of public chain; 5. Development of Ethereum;. 1. Have a certain programming foundation, and master at least one of the mainstream programming languages such as go, c++, Java, python, etc. 2. This training is public welfare and free of charge. Due to the limited number of places, students who are interested in participating in the training need to send their resumes to the staff email for review. The staff will inform the applicants of the audit results within three working days. 4. Bluestone college will accurately match the resumes submitted by students at the time of registration according to the recruitment needs of cooperative enterprises, and recommend job opportunities for students.
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