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Correct landing posture of blockchain application: every coin circle empire of fuze "minority" in the 30 era of blockchain has a natural use

Time : 23/03/2022 Author : qhdkor Click : + -
        On May 23rd, 2017, the offline Salon of "the correct landing posture of blockchain application of lydo College", CO hosted by lyun and wedo joint venture society, came to an end. Dozens of practitioners in the blockchain field and enthusiasts in the currency circle were present to discuss the applications and opportunities of blockchain and digital currency. After the speech of the representatives of the intensity Institute, several sharing guests delivered speeches on the stage respectively. They are he Cong, founder and CEO of Shanyuan technology, Li Yong, partner of Jidou capital, ceogiorgitopuria of Kepler technology, and Zhang Pu, founder of home chain. He Cong believes that blockchain will develop into the era of 3.0 in the future, and for most people, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
        The world's population will exceed 7billion, but only about 20% of people hold the "power of life and death", which is concerned by people. Even, this proportion is less than 20%. The essence of blockchain is to be a public chain, recombine production relations, and let the most neglected people (marginal, non elite) get attention. In addition, he Cong also mentioned that in the future, everyone can freely organize communities, so that everyone's free choice can be broadened, from looking at money to looking at people, and the world pattern has also changed from a pyramid model to a crop circle model. At the same time, the more stable the value of the currency in the future, the higher the value of the currency. As a post-90s entrepreneur, Li Yongxian shared his previous "rough" college experience: he was expelled for hacking the school's educational administration system, but was re invited back by the school as a representative to participate in the competition because of his mastery of technology.
        Finally, I got the honor of excellent graduate. Li Yong said that before understanding bitcoin, we must first understand the operation mode of the world. In addition, he also talked about the operation principle of bitcoin: 1) transaction bill broadcast global network; 2) One block is produced every 10 minutes, and the miner is confirmed to be rewarded; 3) Each block is linked with the previous block to form a blockchain; 4) Changing a block must change all blocks of the whole chain. "When we are talking about why bitcoin is valuable, we can first think about why we need to deposit money into the bank and why we need to buy treasury bonds. In 2009, bitcoin was only worth $0.1, and then it rose to $180 in 2015.
        By this year, bitcoin has exceeded $20000. ". Li Yong believes that blockchain is not a simple investment, but an empire game. Every Empire has its own citizens in captivity, and every Empire has a natural mission. For example, the mission of bitcoin is to decentralize and decentralize, benchmarking the global economy; Ethereum is more inclusive; Wave field is a decentralized microblog, benchmarking global social networks. Zhang Pu, the founder of home chain, mentioned that today's network devices are very different from those 10 years ago: Intel, AMD and other x86 architecture chips no longer dominate the world, and there are more and more devices with arm architecture CPU. At present, they have occupied the mainstream, and the number continues to grow rapidly.
        The traditional blockchain technology still takes PC and server as the physical carrier of the network, with low throughput, high node cost and poor dispersion. At present, there is no basic blockchain customized for arm devices in the blockchain world. The P2P communication protocol used in traditional blockchain is designed based on PC and server nodes. This is also the state of network equipment more than ten years ago. For example, Ethereum still adopts the 2002 "classic" kademlia protocol; Today, the device structure in the network has changed greatly. Most nodes are intelligent devices, and their chip architecture and signaling structure have been greatly optimized and simplified.
        Therefore, it is necessary to upgrade the traditional P2P communication protocol. For a long time, with "serving entrepreneurs" as the core, cloud hunting has successively set up branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Xiamen, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places, and has been selected as one of the top ten cutting-edge technology media in China. The activities held by Shenzhen Branch have always been focused on practical, small and beautiful business founders and industry veteran VC's for high-quality projects. This activity not only fits the trend of venture capital investment in the past 18 years, but also creates a good communication bridge for investors, entrepreneurs and practitioners in related fields. Of course, we will continue to welcome excellent founders and investors to join us.
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