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Blockchain and taxation,Malaysia swap was invited to attend the third tax policy forum

Time : 28/06/2021 Author : 5uksdf Click : + -
        On August 1, 2022, Malaysia swap was invited to participate in the third Malaysian tax policy forum, which was held in everlyputrajaya, Putrajaya. The theme of the meeting was "strengthening Malaysia's ultimate economic flexibility". Mohamed nizhong, CEO of Inland Revenue Authority, attended the meeting. And shared ideas on how to establish effective and efficient tax management can become the perfect secret of rebuilding the country. Having a sound fiscal policy, coupled with good governance ethics, can promote the establishment of trust in the tax system, and then turn it into a higher voluntary tax compliance environment in Malaysia. Datuk Seri zambiri, the general secretary of the national front, attended the third Malaysian Tax Policy Forum on behalf of Datuk Seri amazahi, the chairman of the national front, and pointed out that the National Front hoped to pass the political contribution bill before the 15th general election, which was also the proposal made by the National Front in the last general election. Malaysia swap, on behalf of Datuk Seri Liang Qifa, attended the forum.
        Malaysia swap is a pioneer enterprise of blockchain technology in Malaysia. It will study and develop how to use the irreversibility of blockchain technology, record and calculate various taxable items of enterprises and individuals, and ensure the full collection of national taxes. At the same time, the number of holders of personal digital currency is also gradually increasing among Malaysian residents. Malaysia swap will cooperate with the Malaysian tax bureau to discuss relevant policies on tax collection of holders of personal digital currency, so that the general public can legally and legally use and hold digital currency assets, and truly make blockchain technology serve the country and the people.
        "This article is for enterprises to publicize business information, which is only for users' reference. If users take it as a reference for consumption behavior, warns users to make a careful decision.".
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