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Why is it not recommended to use instant messaging software such as wechat and nailing within enterprises

Time : 21/04/2022 Author : li8fo0 Click : + -
        Nowadays, wechat leaks are common. Many enterprise employees habitually use wechat and nail chat in the process of office work, and the leakage of Secrets often happens inadvertently. Why do we repeatedly emphasize that we do not recommend employees to use wechat and nails to communicate work content during office hours, because there are great security risks in enterprise im deployed by public cloud. However, if we want to completely prohibit the use of chat software in office, it is also very unrealistic. This will not only make a large number of young people unable to adapt to this work mode, but also reduce work efficiency due to the lack of communication and communication. Communication must be unavoidable in work.
        So, what can we do to "treat the symptoms and root causes"? How to prevent the leakage of secrets at the technical level while being compatible with the habits of office workers, ensuring the experience of office workers, improving the efficiency of office workers and giving convenience to office workers. First, enterprises should choose a dedicated enterprise im. Because wechat is a social software for acquaintances. Many of us use wechat as a family meal, which is also part of many people's life circle. When we are working, if we use wechat too much, it is very easy to mix the work circle with the life circle, and it is easy to disclose work information to family and friends in an active or passive way during the chat process.
        Although you may be unintentional, the loss caused by this "unintentional behavior" is indeed unpredictable. Qida instant messaging - enterprise im - LAN instant messaging software - privatization deployment - intranet instant messaging - Xinchuang localization - Hangzhou Qida Information Technology Co., Ltd. Many people say that the use of nail and enterprise wechat can also support the daily communication of enterprises. However, for enterprises with higher confidentiality requirements, these two kinds of enterprise IM are still not professional or useful. For example, there are many confidential information and documents in scientific research enterprises. If they use wechat, Dingding, etc. for the public, it is tantamount to "streaking" on the Internet full of Trojan viruses!.
        People work in a fragmented way at any time, anywhere and with them. There are a large number of information and file transmission scenarios, such as private chat, group chat, file transmission, video conference, screenshot recording, etc. information leakage may occur in each scenario. Therefore, the enterprise dedicated instant messaging office platform needs to pay attention to the whole scene of office instant messaging to form an absolute security without dead ends. In addition to the security guarantee and anti disclosure control in the whole scene of the client, it is also necessary to ensure that the information is controlled throughout the process from generation to transmission, consumption, storage and even destruction. In addition to mobile phones and other equipment terminals, the cloud, pipelines, chips and other links should ensure information security to avoid information leakage, and in case of leakage, it is well documented.
        The technical level is guaranteed by professional information security technology. Data encryption technology, encryption technology, localization deployment technology, blockchain technology, information traceability technology, data deep cleaning and deletion technology, etc. are applied to ensure that the data is encrypted "locked" throughout the whole process, and any data user, contact and transmitter can be traced to prevent disclosure.
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