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Tiffany launched a limited edition, cryptopunk, NFT, series, "nftiff," and Hong Kong Branch

Time : 17/07/2022 Author : ilza9u Click : + -
        Recently, the Hong Kong University of science and technology announced the establishment of the world's first digital twin campus metahkust in metauniverse. It not only provides an immersive learning experience, but also an integrated platform for all students, faculty and alumni to participate, so that the Hong Kong University of science and technology community can carry out cross campus creation, innovation and interaction. Src= it is understood that metahkust is a long-term development plan. In the first stage, the university will establish major infrastructure, including the construction of extended reality classrooms, the installation of sensors, video cameras and visualization equipment, and invite all university members to conduct crowdsourcedscanning for the two physical campuses to provide the required images for the establishment of virtual twin campuses.
        Src= it is understood that Fondi is a metauniverse English learning platform established in 2017, which aims to create a global virtual world in which users can enjoy educational content based on English learning. Based on the concept of virtual overseas life, starting from English, Fondi provides a meta universe where users can have practical English dialogues with English learners around the world. The company has released a virtual English conversation service app "Fondi" with the same name as the company. Recently, postvoyager, a blockchain subsidiary of Japanese mobile game giant cocone, announced its cooperation with blockchain development company ozys.
        As part of the cooperation, the two sides agreed to expand cooperation to expand the ecosystem of mooinetwork. Recently, Tiffany, an American jewelry brand, announced that it will launch its first NFT series nftiff to cryptopunk holders. The supply of this product will be limited to 250, which will give owners the right to require the design of a custom pendant on their punk, including gemstones and diamonds. Src= it is reported that terapinstudios is a company engaged in global businesses such as games, TV dramas, animation, etc. based on the IP of Korean new media online comics. Terapinstudios plans to produce content for the next generation of products, creating immersive experiences in the form of games, metauniverse and NFT.
        Recently, Shanghai Museum announced that its self-developed digital collection platform marine museum will be launched soon, which will be the first digital collection platform and blockchain technology system with independent intellectual property rights developed by the museum industry in China so far. Src= it is understood that the marine museum will realize the connection between both virtual and reality through digital scientific and technological means and cross-border integration. Every time a digital collection is released, a collection will be collected in the museum, and finally a line covering cultural relics, art, creation and other rich contents will be formed Debtdao, an encrypted credit agreement, completed a seed round financing of $3.5 million. It is reported that debtdao can provide income based financing for encryption entities such as Dao and agreement through a smart contract called spot, which can automatically repay the borrower's cash flow on the chain to the lender.
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