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Agriculture + blockchain big scam or big change?

Time : 03/03/2022 Author : xp40i7 Click : + -
        Since last year, "blockchain" has become the hottest term. Some people believe that this is a big fraud, while others believe that this is a big change. Xu Xiaoping called it a "great technological revolution in which those who follow prosper and those who go against perish". Generally speaking, blockchain technology refers to a way of universal participation in accounting. There is a database behind all systems. You can regard the database as a big ledger. Then it becomes very important who will keep this account book. At present, whose system is responsible for bookkeeping? Tencent is the account book of wechat, and Alibaba is the account book of Taobao. But now in the blockchain system, everyone in the system can have the opportunity to participate in bookkeeping.
        If there is any data change in a certain period of time, everyone in the system can make bookkeeping. The system will judge the fastest and best bookkeeper in this period of time, write his records in the ledger, and send the contents of the ledger to all other people in the system for backup. In this way, everyone in the system has a complete account book. This way, we call it blockchain technology. The most significant advantage of blockchain industry application lies in optimizing business processes, reducing operating costs and improving collaboration efficiency. This advantage has been gradually reflected in social fields such as financial services, Internet of things, public services, social welfare and supply chain management.
        At present, the problem of agricultural development stems from the imbalance between supply and demand of agricultural products. The main reason for the imbalance between supply and demand is that in the three links of agricultural production, circulation and consumption, producers and consumers are too scattered and weak, and the two sides cannot achieve information symmetry, direct docking and determine prices. Both sides can only make rational but helpless choices: producers produce in all ways to reduce costs; Consumers can only choose products with lower prices; Distributors can only fight a price war, creating a vicious circle. Industry insiders believe that blockchain can just solve this pain point. "From the perspective of consumers, blockchain technology can meet the right to know and choose agricultural products they trust; from the perspective of buyers, if they are worried about the poor quality of agricultural products purchased in batches, they can choose trusted farmers through the analysis of planting process and big data.
        ”。 The fastest action is Zhongnan Construction. The blockchain agricultural company "good taste" cooperated by the company and Beidahuang company. The first batch of blockchain certified rice products have been introduced to the market. Taking potato production as an example, it is explained that the data of the whole potato production process will be uploaded to the distributed ledger storage to form tamper proof ledger content, which can be provided to consumers and buyers for reference. For example, record the purchasing process of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and avoid the problem of excessive heavy metals and pesticide residues from the root; Establish the credit rating reference of growers and purchasers through big data analysis; Use smart contracts to ensure fair transactions between growers and buyers.
        In the sales process, information such as sorting and processing is also stored in a distributed ledger to ensure complete and transparent information to stakeholders. Then, in this process, how does the biggest advantage of blockchain, that is, the advantage of distributed account books, manifest? In the past, buyers would send people to offer a high price to potato farmers before purchasing. However, when farmers dig potatoes out of the field, farmers often can't contact this person. At this time, buyers send another person to significantly reduce the price of potatoes by taking advantage of the fact that potatoes are not easy to store in the field. After adopting blockchain technology, each transaction is open to everyone, which can solve this problem.
        Blockchain technology is used to achieve full distribution, so that consumers, growers, buyers, wholesalers, etc. can keep accounts synchronously to prevent tampering. Mutual benefit incompatibility mechanism can be used to check and balance to ensure the authenticity of data and avoid the risk of concerted action under the convergence of interests. The traditional traceability system is the individual behavior of a single company. He is both an athlete and a referee, and his credibility is weak. After the adoption of blockchain technology, the distributed ledger will organize farmers, cooperatives, dealers and consumers to jointly record planting information, and play the role of information transparency by using tamper proof characteristics. Dr. Kang Chunpeng of the information center of the Ministry of agriculture believes that blockchain will be applied in six major fields, such as Internet of things agriculture, agricultural product traceability, rural finance, and promote industrial development.
        At present, the main factors restricting the large-scale promotion of Agricultural Internet of things are high application and maintenance costs and poor performance. Moreover, the Internet of things is centralized management. With the explosion of Internet of things equipment, the infrastructure investment and maintenance cost of the data center is difficult to estimate. The combination of Internet of things and blockchain will enable these devices to realize self-management and maintenance, which saves the high maintenance cost centered on cloud control, reduces the later maintenance cost of Internet devices, and helps to improve the intelligent and large-scale level of Agricultural Internet of things. The three achievements of traditional database, relational model, transaction processing, query optimization, and database technology are constantly developing.
        In the future, with the establishment of agricultural big data collection system, how to solve the authenticity and effectiveness of data in a large-scale way will be a difficult problem faced by the whole society. The technology represented by blockchain is a new starting point for the requirements of data authenticity, effectiveness, unforgeability and tamperability compared with current databases. In the process of agricultural industrialization, the production and consumption places are far away, and consumers have no way to understand the pesticides and fertilizers used by producers and the additives used in transportation and processing, and consumers' trust in production is reduced. The agricultural products traceability system based on blockchain technology can't be changed once all data is recorded in the blockchain ledger. Relying on advanced technology of asymmetric encryption and mathematical algorithms, human factors are fundamentally eliminated, making information more transparent.
        Farmers' loans are relatively difficult on the whole, mainly due to the lack of effective collateral, which in the final analysis is the lack of credit mortgage mechanism. The open and tamper proof properties of blockchain technology make it possible for decentralized trust mechanisms. When a new agricultural business entity applies for a loan, it needs to provide corresponding credit information, which needs to rely on the corresponding information and data recorded by banks, insurance or credit agencies. However, there are some problems such as incomplete information, inaccurate data and high cost. The use of blockchain is to automatically record massive amounts of information based on program algorithms and store them on every computer in the blockchain network. The information is transparent, difficult to tamper with and low-cost to use.
        Therefore, when applying for loans, banks, credit reporting companies and other intermediaries are no longer required to provide credit certificates, and loan institutions can obtain the corresponding information and data of the blockchain. Agricultural insurance has small varieties and low coverage, and insurance fraud often occurs. After the combination of blockchain and agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance will have a lot of room to improve in the protection of agricultural intellectual property rights and agricultural property transactions, and will greatly simplify the process of agricultural insurance. In addition, because smart contract is an important concept of blockchain, applying the concept of smart contract to the field of agricultural insurance will make agricultural insurance compensation more intelligent. In the past, if a large agricultural natural disaster occurred, the corresponding claim settlement cycle would be relatively long.
        After the smart contract is used in the blockchain, once an agricultural disaster is detected, the compensation process will be automatically started, so the compensation efficiency is higher. Blockchain technology helps to improve the efficiency of supply chain management. Due to the openness and transparency of data among the trading parties, a complete and smooth information flow is formed in the whole supply chain, which can ensure that all parties involved can timely find the problems existing in the operation of the supply chain system, and find targeted solutions to the problems, so as to improve the overall efficiency of supply chain management. Blockchain technology can avoid supply chain disputes. The characteristics of data tamper proof and timestamp proof can be well used to solve the disputes between the participants in the supply chain system, and realize easy proof and accountability.
        Blockchain technology can be used for product anti-counterfeiting. The combination of data tamperability and transaction traceability can eradicate the problem of counterfeiting and shoddy in the process of product circulation in the supply chain. It can be seen that blockchain is actually a revolutionary technology that can be used in many fields, but driven by interests, it is full of too many irrational madness.
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