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BSN and DDC basic networks were officially launched to escort the development of NFT technology compliance in China

Time : 29/09/2021 Author : oyw3hz Click : + -
        On January 25, 2022, the blockchain service network development alliance (hereinafter referred to as "BSN development alliance") launched the "bsn-ddc basic network" (hereinafter referred to as DDC network) according to the quarterly version iteration arrangement, and entered the trial commercial stage. The launch of DDC network will provide infrastructure capacity support for the landing of NFT technology in China and escort its compliance development. DDC (distributeddigitalcertificate) is a distributed digital certificate, whose properties and functions are similar to NFT. NFT is a digital proof of rights and interests of something in the real or digital world on the blockchain. Although it is mostly used in the field of digital art copyright at present, it is essentially a blockchain distributed database technology without specific business attributes. Its potential application scenarios are very wide, and it can be applied to digital commodity vouchers, tickets, account management, intellectual property and other fields.
        At the current stage, the international NFT is basically generated on the public chain, and transactions are carried out around the virtual currency. In China, the use of public chain and virtual currency is not feasible. The development of NFT technology must first solve the problem of compliance. Therefore, China urgently needs an NFT public infrastructure that is neutral, low-cost, diverse in technology, safe, reliable, permanent, and can be supervised. In order to explore the compliance development path of China's NFT technology, BSN development alliance, together with a number of blockchain underlying technology companies and NFT platform parties, jointly launched and built a bsn-ddc basic network on the existing BSN public network to provide ddc/nft business demanders with a safe, reliable and low-cost blockchain environment for ddc/nft generation and management.
        In order to ensure technological diversity and lasting and stable operation, DDC network will be composed of more than ten distinctive open alliance chains, such as Tai'an chain, Wuhan chain, Wenchang chain, China mobile chain, Guangyuan chain, Zunyi chain, Tangshan chain, etc. each chain will be directly operated by its technical party and provide basic support and optimization iterations. Tai'an chain, Wuhan chain, Wenchang chain and China mobile chain were available when they were launched on January 25. In the future, DDC network will also support DDC cross chain flow between all open alliance chains, and allow third parties to establish external nodes of these DDC open alliance chains outside BSN on the premise of meeting the conditions, so as to ensure the sustainable existence of the network through joint construction and governance of multiple parties.
        DDC network does not directly provide services to individual users, but provides extremely convenient network access services to platforms with ddc/nft services, so that these platforms can provide ddc/nft generation and management services at a very low cost. All energy consumption on the DDC network is completed through RMB recharge. For the DDC smart contract customized by the platform, the cost of generating a DDC is only 5 cents. At the same time, all open alliance chains on DDC network maintain high transparency, and any platform party can query the details of all smart contracts and public data through relevant interfaces or self-made browsers.
        It is understood that the first platforms to join the DDC network include the time-honored rongbaozhai auction company, Hainan International Culture and art trading center, Ernst & Young blockchain, digital video, a video technology service platform, Baiwang cloud, a leading domestic electronic invoice service provider, soyun technology, a digital collection trading platform, and digital Tibet China, which have a long history of more than 300 years. DDC network requires the access platform party to strictly comply with China's laws and regulations, and provides regulatory measures, including platform party real name authentication, transaction data tracing throughout the process, supporting the deployment of regulatory nodes, terminating the access rights of the platform party, and implementing illegal DDC freezing and destruction mechanisms, so as to ensure a compliant environment for the wide implementation of DDC technology.
        The trial commercial period will last for 1-2 months, Any platform party can apply for participation through the DDC official website (all business data during the trial commercial period will be retained). At the same time, BSN development alliance also plans to hold the "first bsn-ddc basic network ecological Partner Conference and bsn-ddc basic network commercial launch conference" in Nanjing in late March At that time, all 26 initiators of DDC network will be officially announced, including 10 open alliance chain operators and 15 ddc/nft business platforms in addition to BSN development alliance. At present, Xinhua news agency, China UnionPay, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu,, etc. have all launched digital collections based on ddc/nft technology. It can be predicted that with the deepening understanding of DDC technology and the continuous improvement of infrastructure, more and more industry institutions will join the fast track of DDC industry, and the industrial scale will continue to grow.
        DDC network will uphold the concept of co construction, CO governance and co management, promote the compliance development of this technology and the establishment of industry standards, fully explore its technological potential and give full play to its innovative value, so as to better empower the construction of China's digital economy. The blockchain service network (BSN) is jointly initiated by the National Information Center, China Mobile, China UnionPay and Beijing jujube technology. Relying on BSN's global network, China's DDC network will also gradually go global, so that Chinese technology can truly "go global", which can not only improve the influence of Chinese technology in the world, but also drive the formation of technological benchmarks and industrial demonstrations, laying the foundation for China's DDC technology to guide international standards and taking the lead.
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