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After the iPhone was unavailable, Russian consumers suddenly realized that Apple was not indispensable

Time : 14/05/2022 Author : y83zqm Click : + -
        As the true pioneer of the era of smart phones, iPhone has also been pursued by countless consumers. It is precisely because of the emergence of iPhone that the era of smart phones has come, and mobile Internet has become a reality. At the same time, the emergence of new technologies and entertainment methods, including mobile payment, local life, short video, has also changed the living habits of many people. While changing the world, Apple has also become the biggest winner. It has not only become the first enterprise with a market value of $3trillion in the history of the world, but also taken more than 75% of the profits of the entire smart phone market. You know, Samsung, which ranks second, only took 13% of the profits, while the profits of a number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers are less than 5%.
        But perhaps it was too successful that apple and CEO cook got confused and began to make a series of wrong choices. First, it kicked 34 domestic suppliers such as oufeiguang out of the apple industrial chain, then transferred the production of iPhone, iPad, airpods and other products to Vietnam, India and other places, and finally cut off supply to Russia. The power outage also made iPhone lose all the functions of smart phones, unable to make mobile payment, restricted application download and use, unable to use basic functions such as location, and even maintenance services are no longer provided. These practices of apple and cook have also caused the anger and dissatisfaction of countless consumers. As a high-end brand in electronic products, the pricing of Apple products is undoubtedly higher than that of other brands, which is also the reason why Apple can take up to 75% of the profits of the entire smartphone market.
        However, with the death of jobs and cook becoming the new helmsman of apple, the proportion of innovation in Apple products is becoming less and less. In the past, other brands followed and imitated the iPhone after it launched new functions, but now other manufacturers are the first to launch technologies such as full screen, off screen fingerprint, off screen camera, fast charging and bottom CMOS, while the iPhone still adheres to the bangs screen, 30W charging speed and 12million pixels. Whether it's industrial design or imaging effects, these once proud advantages of iPhone are disappearing, and only the smooth system experience of IOS has become the magic weapon to attract users.
        However, Apple has frequently upgraded the system to slow down the old iPhone, so as to achieve the purpose of urging users to change machines. Today's iPhone is different from the iPhone with technology and innovation in the past jobs era. The only way to continue to maintain high prices and profits is to maintain a good relationship with consumers, but choosing to "cut off supply" makes Apple lose even this last opportunity. Regardless of the contractual relationship with users, a mobile phone brand decides to cut off the supply without authorization, turning the iPhone from a smart phone into a "brick". This behavior will not only hurt consumers in one region, but also make consumers in other regions of the world doubt that one day this "cut off" will fall on their heads? When consumers no longer trust the iPhone brand, how can Apple maintain up to 75% of its profits?.
        At the same time, Apple also overestimates its influence. Although iPhone is still an excellent mobile phone, its cost performance is not high. Now it has cut off supply, which hurts consumers, and makes the brand no longer appear high-end. When the brand of Apple loses its appeal, can many consumers accept its high price?. At the same time, Russian consumers also understand another truth after losing iPhone &mdash& mdash; In fact, apple is not that important. Although the iPhone system is very smooth, it is not indispensable. In the past, many consumers could endure the high price because of the innovative spirit left by jobs and apple.
        But now Apple has lost jobs and innovation spirit on the one hand, and on the other hand, its brand effect is weakening due to the choice of cutting off supply, so Apple has gradually lost its appeal to consumers.
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