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Openservice signed a cooperation agreement with the royal family of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to jointly incubate new stars in the digital economy

Time : 28/06/2022 Author : kjdy02 Click : + -
        On July 31, Sheikh ·, a member of Dubai's ruling royal family, was in the office building of Dubai's Ministry of economy; Puti · Prince Maktoum joined hands with openservice, Yinghui SME accelerator in the United Arab Emirates, Aihua consulting, and Shandong Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates. Jointly announced the preparation for the establishment of bytheroyalofficeofmetaverse2022. The meeting responded to the instructions of Sheikh Mohammed, vice president of the United Arab Emirates, Prime Minister and Sheikh of Dubai, and Sheikh Hamdan, crown prince of Dubai, to promote the digital economy and shape the future of artificial intelligence (AI) by investing in metauniverse and establishing partnerships.
        The project aims to build a global test platform for metauniverse technology and future business model based on Dubai, seize the development opportunities of the new digital economy era, and build Dubai into the center of the global digital economy. This is in line with the Dubai yuancosmos strategy. The meeting held the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement Mou between Prince Sheikh Puti Maktoum and the representatives of enterprises in Afghanistan to jointly establish the Royal special office of metauniverse and digital economy. Openservice is initiated by a team of blockchain and cryptography experts, and has permanent offices in Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Malta, Estonia, Istanbul and Vancouver. It mainly provides step-by-step nanny incubation from registration to listing for blockchain start-ups, and provides technical infrastructure services such as cryptography technical services, did products, cloud services, communication services, etc; To model counseling, business schools, KOL and other content services, and then to venture capital IPO (ICO) investment capital services; Ose's professional blockchain and business government service team can provide specialized experimental platforms for project incubation in the blockchain field, such as R & D, testing, pilot test, etc. at the same time, it can provide a large number of technical infrastructure, gather a group of blockchain technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in the same industry or related industries based on professional division of labor and cooperation, gradually form an innovation community through information exchange, and give full play to the advantages of the cluster in innovation.
        Policy and park services are the corresponding heavy asset allocation made by openservice to help enterprises match global resources and obtain corresponding business licenses. In addition, openservice will also provide comprehensive services in recruitment, finance, institutional registration, business development and marketing, so that blockchain enterprises can implement entrepreneurship plans in a more effective and efficient way with more peace of mind. Algerian presidential adviser, Saudi royal representative, French charity organization representative, Abu Dhabi Investment Group, Dubai government officials and ftft group representatives witnessed the preparatory ceremony. The ceremony was a complete success.
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