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China's independent innovation "Chang'an chain" can resist quantum attacks and add insurance to information security

Time : 25/04/2022 Author : msd5zt Click : + -
        Chinanews, Beijing, June 6 (Xinhua) the reporter learned from the Beijing microchip blockchain and edge computing research institute on June 6 that recently, the blockchain technology system "Chang'an chain" independently innovated by the Chinese team of scientists has successfully embedded a high-performance anti quantum cryptography module, which is enough to resist the currently known traditional cryptographic attacks and quantum attacks. In recent years, blockchain technology is accelerating its application in global economic, military, cultural and other fields. As a new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm, it uses a set of perfect encryption technology to form a traceable and tamper proof advantage. However, with the rapid development of quantum computing, the traditional blockchain encryption technology faces the risk of "accelerated cracking": data transmission may be stolen, and sensitive instructions may be forged &hellip& hellip; This will undoubtedly bring great trouble to social production and life.
        Quantum cryptography attack is likely to form a "dimension reduction attack" on blockchain encryption technology in the future. Tang Xiaodan and Li Meigui, experts of China Institute of electronic standards and technology, issued a call through the media this year: anti quantum cryptography has become a key core technology in the quantum information era. China must research and deploy as soon as possible, be alert to relevant risks, and suggest strengthening research and development and Application, and encourage the integration and innovation of anti quantum cryptography with new generation information technologies such as big data, blockchain, cloud computing, etc. "Chang'an chain" is developed under the leadership of Beijing microchip blockchain and edge computing research institute. It is the first independently controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China. The head of the research and development team said that "Chang'an chain" had made it clear during the research and development that it must be at the forefront of the world in encryption technology in order to achieve comprehensive independent control.
        The "Chang'an chain" system fully adapts to China's national security standards, and also has flexible assembly performance. It is understood that the R & D team has been exploring high-performance anti quantum cryptography algorithms in recent years, and embedded in the "Chang'an chain" infrastructure. After continuous running in and testing, this effort has finally made a breakthrough a few days ago. They embedded a post quantum digital signature algorithm into the underlying architecture of Chang'an chain. This algorithm is highly secure under selective information attacks, and can resist all known cryptographic traditional attacks and quantum attacks. The scientists of the "Chang'an chain" R & D team said that this has a wide range of application value. In the financial field, the authenticity of inter-bank bill information transmission and signature verification will be further guaranteed, enterprises can rest assured of credit, and the general public can enjoy the online shopping fun of "double 11" and "618".
        It is reported that the module embedded with anti quantum attack will be fully integrated into the "Chang'an chain" technology system and continue to meet the needs of national application scenarios in various fields. Since the release of "Chang'an chain" in 2021, the iteration of software and hardware technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. In terms of software, "Chang'an chain" independently designed and developed the world's first modular and assembleable blockchain open source technology architecture from 0 to 1, breaking away from the dependence of the underlying core code of blockchain on foreign countries. In terms of hardware, "Chang'an chain" is the first 96 core blockchain chip architecture based on risc-v open source instruction set in the world to build a physically secure and isolated computing execution environment, which can achieve 20 to 50 times the performance improvement of super large-scale blockchain network transactions.
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