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Btp+ new retail, blockchain new retail application is about to be launched

Time : 20/07/2022 Author : i6vyxp Click : + -
        The Internet era has entered a peak period, and the next era is blockchain. In the years of rapid development of the Internet, the impact on the new retail industry is undoubtedly huge. E-commerce, led by Taobao and, has completely subverted the traditional snack industry. Now, a new era has also quietly arrived, and the concept of "new retail + blockchain" has also begun to prevail. Posbitcoin (BTP for short) has taken the lead in the research and development of new retail projects and is about to land. BTP blockchain new retail project is a blockchain infrastructure platform specifically for the new retail e-commerce ecosystem, including tokens, public chain infrastructure and related tools.
        The goal is to build a blockchain infrastructure for enterprise level e-commerce applications, and provide blockchain technology solutions that can effectively solve business pain points for new retail e-commerce enterprises, consumers, suppliers and all e-commerce ecological participants. BTP uses blockchain technology to connect the supply chain of different commodity circulation participants with the blockchain storage system. These include origin, producers, distributors, retailers, brands and consumers. Make the information of each participant available in the blockchain system. So as to solve the problems of commodity anti-counterfeiting and traceability, qualification certification of participants, trade financing and so on, and bring a better shopping experience. In terms of transaction security, BTP platform adopts distributed accounting to ensure trust, and applies elliptic curve encryption algorithm (ECC). It is difficult for hackers to use the commonly used brute force method to crack, but provides a faster encryption algorithm than RSA encryption algorithm with less computing power.
        It ensures the security of users' digital assets, and realizes the anti-counterfeiting of contracts and invoices through smart contracts, and has the characteristics of tampering. In addition, BTP also created the integral alliance system and token incentive mechanism. Points in different industries can be transferred and circulated, and the issuance data of points is transparent, with high credibility. Points in different industries can also be used universally. Token (BTP) is not only used as a digital asset, but also has many features in the future, such as tips and payments, crowdfunding, micro payment, etc., and can be used to purchase goods and services, user transaction settlement and other tangible value. In terms of future project implementation, BTP has more obvious advantages.
        It has branches in 382 cities across the country and has experience in the rapid implementation of e-commerce projects. And the convenience chain franchise stores are developing at the speed of 20000 + every two years. The alliance member convenience store that serves nearly 80000 + has rich practical experience in the management and operation of e-commerce retail projects.
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