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Blockchain science popularization, blockchain will have landing projects in the future

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        The first blockchain electronic invoice in China has been implemented in Shenzhen. Blocks are linked with traditional electronic invoices and simple electronic invoices. The blockchain electronic invoice launched this time integrates the two streams of "capital flow and invoice flow", combines invoice issuance with online payment, and opens up the whole process of invoice application, invoicing, reimbursement and tax declaration. The Android version of Tencent's first blockchain game "catch demons together" was tested in Chengdu. Catch demons together is Tencent's first mobile game based on AR and blockchain technology. Brop is an open blockchain agreement developed by the China Super blockchain Research Institute, which is the last link of the chain subsidiary of thepeople’ s BankofChina (PBOC) under the ultimate ownership.
        Since the JD blockchain technology white paper (2018), JD blockchain has made relevant progress in supply chain, logistics, anti-counterfeit traceability and other industries. The latest news shows that JD group recently announced the official opening of the "Zhizhen chain" blockchain platform to intentional testing enterprises to assist in the deployment of the master node of commodity anti-counterfeiting traceability, forming a master chain of commodity anti-counterfeiting traceability based on the "Zhizhen chain". Baas was first proposed by Microsoft and IBM. Microsoft announced in November 2015 that it would provide baas services in azure cloud platform, and officially opened to the public in August 2016. Developers can create blockchain environment in the most simple and efficient way on the platform.
        In February 2016, IBM announced the launch of blockchain service platform. Using IBM's blockchain service on bluemix, developers can access fully integrated development and operation and maintenance tools for creating, deploying, running and monitoring blockchain applications on IBM cloud. To put it bluntly, blockchain as a service (baas) is actually a new type of cloud service, which is created on the basis of IAAs, PAAS and SaaS through the close combination of blockchain and cloud computing. Building blockchain technology on the cloud can help enterprises simplify their operational processes without building their own infrastructure. Services can be purchased and used immediately, reducing deployment costs.
        Compared with ordinary nodes and exchange nodes, the main purpose of baas nodes is to quickly establish their own development environment and provide a series of operation services based on blockchain, such as search and query, transaction submission, data analysis, etc. these services can be centralized or decentralized to help developers verify their concepts and models faster. The service of baas node is reflected in: it is more instrumental and easy to create, deploy, run and monitor blockchains. In China, major Internet and technology giants are also entering this field. Taking Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and as examples, Internet giants were the first to realize that the tide was coming.
        Among the four enterprises, Tencent was the first to set up a team, while lagged behind. It is worth noting that Tencent's blockchain expansion prefers to establish a complete financial ecosystem platform first, while Alibaba's special team ant financial focuses on the implementation of underlying projects. Ant financial's technology laboratory currently ranks first in the world in the number of blockchain patents. From the perspective of project direction, Tencent and Baidu mainly focus on the application of blockchain technology in the financial field. Based on their own cloud computing technology foundation, both sides have successively established a commercial blockchain cloud computing platform baas for the financial industry. Tencent completed the internal landing of the blockchain business scenario in January 2017, and officially released the blockchain financial solution baas in November 2017, completing the construction of the ecological platform.
        Baidu finance launched the commercial blockchain cloud computing platform baas in July 2017, and launched the public offering ABS platform based on blockchain technology in September of the same year. According to public information, half a year after its launch, Baidu blockchain open platform "baas" has supported the authenticity of more than 50billion yuan of assets and has been successfully applied to credit, asset securitization, asset exchanges and other businesses. Influenced by their main businesses, ant financial and pay more attention to the data integration of online e-commerce and offline logistics, and conduct technical exploration in the field of commodity anti-counterfeiting and traceability respectively. In March, 2018, ant financial services blockchain team said in an interview that it would build a blockchain baas platform, which would be applied from within Alibaba, including ant financial services, and the application layer would also be opened to other institutions and teams in the future.
        In May, 2018, Huawei also launched a "blockchain as a service" (baas) platform based on hyperledgerfabric1.0, which aims to provide customers with the service of creating smart contracts. At the same time, Huawei is also carrying out other related work to strive to gain a competitive advantage in this new field. It is not difficult to find that companies in the baas field are basically large cloud computing service providers. On the basis of cloud, the advantages of blockchain technology mainly lie in three aspects: cost efficiency, application ecology, security and privacy. For cloud service providers, all hardware facilities and infrastructure are ready-made. Reducing it costs has become an inevitable trend, and the introduction of new technologies such as blockchain is crucial.
        What is defi? Defi is the abbreviation of decentralized finance, also known as openfinance. It actually refers to the decentralized agreement used to build an open financial system, which aims to enable anyone in the world to carry out financial activities anytime, anywhere. In the existing financial system, financial services are mainly controlled and regulated by the central system, whether it is the most basic deposit and transfer, or loan or derivative transactions. Defi hopes to establish a transparent, accessible and inclusive peer-to-peer financial system through the distributed open source protocol, minimize the risk of trust, and make it easier for participants to obtain financing.
        c. All agreements are open source, so anyone can cooperate on the agreement to build new financial products and accelerate financial innovation under the network effect.
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