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How can enterprises transform blockchain correctly?

Time : 25/10/2021 Author : k9egtr Click : + -
        In 2008, geek Nakamoto, who wrote a white paper on bitcoin, opened the technological magic box of blockchain technology. Before the spring tide of blockchain, no one is willing to lag behind, especially the Internet industry with its own innovation gene. However, bold and foolhardy forward can't create heroes. In the business circle that is constantly updating and iterating, how should enterprises correctly transform blockchain?. Enterprises need to analyze by themselves, in the current business, which are the scenarios that need to form a consensus, which places need information exchange, which places need benefit distribution and the possibility of distribution, and then judge whether the enterprise is suitable to combine blockchain. If the enterprise itself does not combine with the characteristics of blockchain, it does not mean that it is not suitable for enterprises to transform blockchain. Enterprises can combine a small part of the business that needs transparency. In the process of combining, they can deepen their understanding of blockchain a little bit and help enterprises more comprehensively consider whether to carry out in-depth blockchain transformation.
        That is, when the business is combined with blockchain, can the advantages formed offset the costs that need to be paid. These costs include the cost of technology and talents required to use blockchain, the cost of blockchain education for users, and the cost of solving the separation of online and offline scenarios.
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