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The right blockchain white paper,Fire chain technology and others jointly released the white paper on the development of Hainan blockchain industry

Time : 23/07/2021 Author : za13o4 Click : + -
        Xinhua news agency client Haikou, March 26 (Chen Biqi, Zhang Xinchao, Cui Yurong) the 2021 Hainan blockchain industry innovation sharing meeting was held in Haikou, Hainan on the 25th. At the meeting, the industrial blockchain special committee of China Association of small and medium-sized enterprises, Hainan blockchain Association and fire Chain Technology Research Institute jointly released the white paper on the development of Hainan blockchain industry, systematically combed the development of Hainan blockchain industry, and prospected the blockchain application of Hainan free trade port from four dimensions. Hainan fire Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "fire chain technology") and other 10 Association enterprises jointly signed and issued the "Hainan blockchain industry self discipline Convention" at the meeting.
        Caoshiping, honorary president of Hainan blockchain Association, said that the core of Hainan free trade port is the free flow of people, data, funds, goods and other production factors. Combined with the local actual situation, the white paper prospects the application of block chain in Hainan free trade port from four dimensions. First, distributed collaboration promotes the free circulation of resource elements, such as tropical agricultural product traceability, electronic deposit certificates, intellectual property rights, and digital identity; Second, value transmission promotes the development of characteristic blockchain industry, which is manifested in the fields of cross-border payment and supply chain finance; Third, the incentive of tourism points releases the vitality of tourism consumption; Fourth, asset digitalization promotes the emergence of new industrial formats. The white paper combs the challenges faced by Hainan blockchain enterprises.
        35% of the surveyed enterprises believe that the most important factor restricting their further development is the lack of professionals, and 26% of the surveyed enterprises believe that the technical difficulties are the most prominent. Enterprises that choose to lack funds, need more support from policies, need to optimize the business environment, and other factors account for 22%, 8%, 6%, and 3% respectively. The development and application of blockchain technology is a systematic project. In this regard, the white paper suggests that Hainan provide a good development environment for Hainan's blockchain industry through government policy support, the use of industry organizations to establish industry standards, and the provision of precise support in human, financial, and material aspects from the perspective of Hainan's blockchain industry ecological construction and the development of characteristic industries.
        At the same time, the white paper also suggests that Hainan should make use of blockchain technology to make a pilot in the six fields of government affairs, tourism, agriculture, port shipping, cross-border e-commerce and the construction of Hainan characteristic blockchain regulatory sandbox, so as to accumulate experience for comprehensively promoting the development of blockchain industry in the future. In January this year, Hainan Province organized the demonstration project of blockchain application in Hainan. In the recently released list of blockchain applications, the two projects of "Hainan cross border e-commerce blockchain management platform" and "Hainan public security, procuratorial and judicial department collaborative office blockchain platform" declared by fire chain technology ranked first in the field of international trade and justice respectively. Yuanyuming, CEO of Huolian technology and director of blockchain special committee of SME Association, said that the development of digital industry is in line with the policy planning of Hainan free trade port. Hainan is also vigorously developing cross-border trade, global tourism and other characteristic industries. Hainan blockchain industry has great potential.
        "We hope to take this listing as an opportunity to focus on blockchain technology innovation and application scenarios, speed up the building of a demonstration benchmark project in Hainan Province, establish a blockchain ecological cooperation platform, and promote the high-quality development of the digital economy." Yuan Yuming said.
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