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Huolian Technology Research Institute launched 100 cases of blockchain industrial applications, which was recommended by the vice chairman of the world financial forum and other celebrities

Time : 29/12/2021 Author : xnms3u Click : + -
        With the development of the industry and technological progress, the combination of blockchain technology and social and economic fields has brought creative and disruptive application attempts. In order to make blockchain technology widely used, fire chain science and Technology Research Institute carefully selected 100 blockchain application landing cases from many classic and interesting cases and compiled 100 cases of blockchain industrial application, which became the first book in the industry that included 100 cases of blockchain enabled real economy. Since January 2021, the book has been officially launched on major book e-commerce platforms. The "100 cases of blockchain industry application" is published by the people's post and Telecommunications Publishing House. The application cases in the book cover industries such as finance, logistics, education, medical treatment, government affairs, etc., and the current situation, pain points and blockchain role of each sub industry are combed in detail.
        While focusing on cases, the book also introduces the background, principles, difficulties, key points, and the actual situation of various industries of blockchain, which can be used for reference by teams who want to implement blockchain technology. In terms of content architecture, the book is divided into three chapters, with the development needs of the industry, the role of blockchain technology, specific applications and key points as the main context. Among them, the first part of the book mainly introduces the policy background of the vigorous development of blockchain and the key points of the industrial application of blockchain; Chapter 2 systematically introduces and combs the relevant knowledge of blockchain; Chapter 3 takes specific sub industries as clues, and selects 11 major categories and 23 sub categories of public affairs, government affairs, justice, finance, agriculture, industry, commerce, transportation and logistics, medical treatment, education, cultural innovation and energy, with a total of 100 cases of blockchain enabling the real economy for detailed analysis, so as to help readers systematically understand the logic of the combination of each industry and blockchain.
        It is reported that most of the writing team of the book came from the fire chain technology research institute. In addition, Meng Yan, one of the founders of the domestic blockchain token school, the vice president of technology and Academic Research Institute of digital assets, and fire chain technology consultant, also participated in the preparation of the book. Yuanyuming, President of Huolian Technology Research Institute, said that in the process of compiling books, Huolian technology research institute actively communicated with industry experts and scholars, listened to the opinions and suggestions of industry people on the contents of books, and was highly affirmed by many senior experts. After the book was written, Shan Zhiguang, director of the informatization and Industrial Development Department of the national information center and chairman of the blockchain service network (BSN) alliance, wrote a preface for it.
        He said in the preface, "Application is the basic carrier and core support for the development of blockchain technology." 100 cases of blockchain industrial application " Just like its name, the book contains 100 classic cases in government affairs, justice, finance, supply chain, etc., presenting rich application scenarios of blockchain, full and accurate, and highly professional. It can not only let us have a deeper understanding of the context of industrial reform and the actual landing direction of blockchain, but also let the industry better think about how to use blockchain to build an intelligent future. ". In addition, Wang Zhongmin, former vice chairman of the National Council of social security funds, Chinese chairman of the academic committee of BRICs think tank and vice chairman of the world financial forum, Zhu Yan, President of the Institute of Internet industry at Tsinghua University, Liang Xinjun, co-founder of Fosun Group, Tan min, head of the digital economy and technology promotion group of China Mobile Design Institute and Secretary General of blockchain service network (BSN) alliance, and other senior industry experts jointly recommended this book and wrote recommendations.
        In the blockchain industry, technology applications and cases are not uncommon, but simple case analysis often makes the audience lack overall cognition and complete thinking about the application of blockchain technology. Wang Zhongmin said, "… … in addition to carrying out a lot of social practice in the landing application research, the case summary should be a valuable generalization, refinement and promotion. This book introduces 100 application cases, which happens to have such efficacy and social significance. I hope it can play a positive and effective role in the landing application of blockchain.". As an important cornerstone of digital transformation, a good blockchain application should solve not only technical problems, but also economic and management problems.
        Zhu Yan said, "this book shows you 100 blockchain application cases at home and abroad, at least allowing us to experience the development status of different application levels of blockchain. We hope that readers of this book can innovate more blockchain application cases suitable for the needs of China's digital transformation in the future.". Tan min also said, "the 100 cases of blockchain industry application not only has a rational analysis of various industries, but also has a rich and detailed case introduction, which allows us to get the overall thinking framework, while intuitively experiencing the shining pearls bred by blockchain technology in recent years, and stimulate our infinite imagination and inspiration.". In the era of mobile Internet, digital has become an increasingly important asset.
        Liang Xinjun said, "I have no doubt that the future global economy will be mainly driven by the elements of data assets. The difficulties that need to be overcome are those that the Internet of things and blockchain can work together to solve: privacy protection, data asset ownership and the return and sharing of revenue rights. The application practice of blockchain can bridge the gap between ideal and reality. This book combs 100 blockchain industry cases, which are quite rich, and I believe it will bring you thinking and practice Dynamic inspiration. ". As early as April 2020, the fire Chain Technology Research Institute released a new book "Advanced Guide to blockchain technology", which systematically introduces the blockchain technology knowledge model. "The fire Chain Technology Research Institute released 100 cases of blockchain industrial applications, which will lead readers to continue to travel in the blockchain world, further popularize the landing scene of blockchain applications, so as to bring sparks of inspiration to explorers in the blockchain industry and help more practitioners use blockchain technology to enable the development of the real economy.
        ”Yuan Yuming said.
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