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The era of blockchain has come, and the number of groups to help block chain education new scene landing

Time : 05/11/2021 Author : l7b8j4 Click : + -
        "People without faith, I don't know how to do it. Why can we do it without big cars and small cars?". I believe you must be very clear that this is a classic sentence recorded by Confucius, a great educator in ancient China, in the Analects. It means that if a person loses his credit or doesn't keep it, he doesn't know what else he can do. This is just like a cart without a wooden pin connecting the shaft and yoke, and a cart without a pin connecting the bar and the crossbar. What does it rely on to walk?. Although "blockchain +" can "chain" everything and "add" to the world, "blockchain + education" is the most basic blockchain application. Recently, a blockchain professional popular science reading, blockchain technology principles and application practice, compiled by Tang Yi, chairman of Hesu group, has more unique and profound insights into blockchain technology and future industry development.
        As the saying goes, one hero has three gangs. The successful implementation of blockchain in the field of education, especially vocational education, is also inseparable from the blessing of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, big data and so on. In order to cultivate professionals in the field of blockchain, promote the implementation of blockchain service industry, and enable the development of blockchain digital economy, Suzhou and digital blockchain Application Research Institute, together with well-known universities, enterprises and laboratories at home and abroad, jointly launched vocational education app&mdash& mdash; And number chain class. Tang Yi, chairman of Hexiu group, said, "Hexiu group has been committed to the exploration and practice of new generation information technologies such as blockchain, big data and the Internet of things.
        The release of Hexian classroom app is another breakthrough of the company in the field of blockchain. The enterprise will continue to innovate the concept of vocational education at the three levels of production, learning and research, adding a new force to promote the digital transformation of education and accelerate the development of blockchain industry ". According to the official website of Hexian classroom, the current teaching content of the platform is mainly systematic "blockchain technology" education, supplemented by basic it programming courses, covering the mainstream technologies in the current blockchain field. It is a practical blockchain development course that meets the social development trend and the talent needs of enterprises. Mr. Tang Yi said in particular, "Hexiu group hopes to take advantage of its own advantages to speed up blockchain technology innovation and talent cultivation, and enable the deep integration of digital economy and real economy.
        ”。 The characteristics of blockchain system, such as transparency and data tamperability, are fully applicable to education credit management, enrollment and employment, academia, qualification certification, industry university research cooperation and other aspects, and are of great value to the healthy development of education and employment. In addition, blockchain can meet eight challenges in the education industry, including digital authentication, multi-step authentication, recognition and transfer of credits, and student payment transactions. A white paper, a report and a project are all related to credit investigation and certification, learning trust, teacher trust, school trust and education credibility, which is completely predictable. In the future, the new ecology of education begins to sprout.
        "Blockchain + education" has become the general trend of global education development and reform. The future education chain is an open education service platform based on blockchain technology, integrating new generation information technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, taking learners as the center, with the joint participation of social groups, to realize lifelong learning, data preservation, information sharing and value transfer. In a word, although blockchain will not be smooth on the road of education, as long as the education industry and all sectors of society work together to realize the nationwide online sharing and credible collaboration of education, curriculum and other content through blockchain technology, and fundamentally make in-depth reform of the evaluation system of school education and Vocational Education, so as to build a new ecosystem of open education in the new era, it is completely expected.
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